Working With Tracy Was The Best Decision I Have Made!

There are so many great things to say about Tracy. Not only is she highly skilled in her profession, she is innovative and progressive, and makes the utmost effort to stay up to date with the ever changing face of healthcare. With her expertise, I was able to reverse my anemia, gain my energy back, detect the source of my issues, and heal my gut.

After visiting an internist who told me nothing was wrong with my lab results, Tracy was able to use her training and expertise to read further into my results, and educate me on my health. Despite being young and active, I needed to cut out gluten in order to be 100% and manage all aspects of my life. Now that I have, it was the best decision I ever made!
I can’t say how grateful I am for her and her huge heart. Aside from being professional, she is warm, personable, and truly has your best interest in mind. I am blessed, in more than one way, to have crossed paths with her.

If you are not seeking her services as a direct patient, I would recommend staying tuned into all of her blogs, recipes, and e-learning courses. They are changing health for so many people.  Thank you Tracy!    ~D.C.

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