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    nutrition foundations group program

    Nutrition Foundations is the core, foundational material, that EVERYONE needs to know.  There are specific action steps and as you do them, your body will immediately start to heal.  It can’t not, and it does know exactly what to do, when the right pieces are in place.   NF includes (2) live group calls each month.   Connect with your tribe, get support from your community, and get your questions answered.  

    1:1 Custom Nutrition & Treatment Plan

    During your private sessions, Tracy will review current health status and your health goals. Tracy will connect the dots with your seemingly unrelated symptoms, identify root causes of your health conditions….and  prioritize the action steps YOU need to take to fast track your healing.  

    You’ll receive a custom nutrition plan, with a diet plan, supplement plan, doses, and brands so that you know exactly what to do!

    Tracy participated in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support & Training Program from July 2016, until the group was closed December 31, 2019.   There’s no longer a reason to accept a fate of chronic illness.  You CAN heal. Your body knows how.  I’ll lead the way and guide your steps.