Let’s take a look at exactly what we’ll be covering on your 9-month path to profits

These modules have been painstakingly put together to give you exactly what you need to know at exactly the time you need to know it. Each class (there are two a month) builds on the previous material.

Everything we do will revolve around getting critical pieces in place so that you:

  • Get more website traffic
  • Generate new patient leads
  • Gain their confidence
  • Turn them into long-term customers

All while helping them with their health condition(s), enjoying the freedoms that come with being your own boss, and earning a steady income that grows and grows.

My systems WILL save you time. It’s why it’s called Work Smarter Not Harder!

Pop open each module to see exactly what we’re covering. 

Module 1: Business Cornerstones

Exactly who is your ideal client? Until you know who you are trying to attract, what language they use, and what motivates them, you won’t be able to hit your revenue goals. (At least, not without working all the hours under the sun.)

Less than 1% of entrepreneurs actually do the groundwork here and instead assume: “If I build it, they will come.” Then, they die a slow financial death when the proverbial phone doesn’t ring.

Here’s what we’ll do to make sure that does NOT happen to you:

  • Survey your ideal clients, learn their struggles and desires, and learn how to communicate to them so your website copy doesn’t fall on deaf ears (more on your website in module 2)
  • Set up your lead magnet, your autoresponder series, and your email campaigns so you’re attracting ideal client after ideal client (if you’re not sure what these are, don’t worry, I’m going to cover it from start to finish)
  • Cover how to brand yourself so you stand out from other online health professionals (which will include setting up templates)
  • Decide how often to send content out to your audience and what that content should be
  • Ways to increase your email open rates and click through rates (because more of these means more money)

Module 2: Websites That Work For You

Your website will likely make or break your success. You might be an expert on xyz health condition, but if your website doesn’t function well, look professional, or meet some basic industry standards, prospective clients will not have the confidence to hire you, and your business will fail. This is the hard truth, but we can avoid that happening – EVEN If you know nothing about tech.

This is what we’ll cover:

  • WordPress websites – what you need to know
  • Non-WordPress websites – what you need to know (and how to choose between WordPress or the other options)
  • Plugins – what they are and which ones you should use to enhance your site
  • How to keep your branding consistent throughout your marketing efforts and ensure you stand out
  • How to set up your home page so visitors don’t “bounce” away from your website (and onto a competitor’s)
  • Optimizing your website by reviewing 11 things every website needs (including automation) so you Work Smarter Not Harder
  • Search Engine Optimization basics, tags, and other tips so your website and content gets found in online searches (i.e. traffic you don’t have to pay for)
  • Why you need to be using Google Analytics and how to track your website’s performance and your business growth
  • My secrets for how to create desired content based on what your ideal clients are searching for

Module 3: Business Systems That Save You Time + Money!

Systems are way sexier than they sound when you see 1) how much time they can save you and 2) how much money they can make you. Once you have modules one and two in place, you’re ready to Work Smarter. What you’ll implement during this module alone will likely pay for the entire course, as well as the upgrades you’ve made to your site.  

This is what we’ll dive into:

  • The free or inexpensive software services you can use to automate parts of your business (like appointment setting)
  • Successfully dealing with client emails and managing your time like a pro
  • How to effortlessly get potential clients to schedule calls with you – and pay you for it (no more no shows!!!)
  • How to create and sell packages that pay you for ALL of the time you put into a case (this alone can double or triple your income)
  • How to keep clients long term, which is truly a win-win for all
  • Creating policies and forms, like a Welcome Kit, Client Agreement, and Resource page for new clients (I literally share all of the ones I use in my own business, saving you hundreds of hours)
  • Properly setting your fees so you’ll make more money, confidently
  • Why and how to create an email autoresponder series for a new client

Module 4: Money-Making Marketing

HOPE MARKETING FAILS. That’s why this module will walk you through how to drive traffic to your website (that’s already set up to convert the right visitors into leads) so you see growth month to month.  

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create content that people are actually interested in
  • Which social media platforms to focus on and how to use them for better engagement and results
  • How, why, and WHEN to use Facebook Ad campaigns
  • How to monetize your email list (more free marketing!)
  • In a bonus call, I’ll dig deeper into what digital marketing is and how to use it in your business


By the end of 9 months, you will have:

  • A lead magnet that makes people want to opt in to your email list
  • Your own branded newsletter template
  • A “Get to Know Me” email campaign (also known as a nurture sequence)
  • A “drip” email campaign
  • A paid product that brings in revenue *almost* passively
  • Your own “Get Acquainted” web page that allows prospective clients to book appointments, without needing to call or email
  • Your own 4-month and 6-month client packages
  • Branded intake forms, a Welcome Kit, a Client Agreement Form, and HIPAA policy
  • A “New Patient Educational Autoresponder Series”
  • Compelling website content
  • Video, articles, recipes, and podcasts that people want to read, watch, and listen to
  • Your own analytics tracking spreadsheet
  • Your own branded newsletter template

You'll have learned all of this

  • How to get – and keep – clients long-term (everything we do has this as our #1 goal)
  • How to better manage your time so your work / life balance is actually balanced
  • Who your ideal client is, and how to better speak to him/her
  • The basics of copywriting (writing to sell) and who to hire if you need more help
  • What you need in an email marketing software and how to choose what’s best for you
  • How to develop and implement an email autoresponder that works on autopilot
  • How and why to create a lead magnet to attract people to join your email list
  • How to create an effective “drip” email campaign
  • Which website platform is best for you long-term, and why
  • Which website hosting program is best for you, and what I recommend to avoid issues down the road
  • 11 key things every website needs
  • How to improve conversions on your squeeze pages (where people sign up to your email list)
  • Why you need to capture email addresses, and plugins to help you do this
  • How often to send a newsletter (and what to write about)
  • How to design/re-design your website to lower your bounce rate and keep new visitors on your site
  • How to use video to your advantage
  • What clinical and new patient forms are necessary and recommended
  • Why you should have an educational autoresponder email series for new patients
  • How to better use Youtube and gain more subscribers
  • How to use Pinterest to your advantage and drive more traffic to your website
  • How to best use your Facebook page
  • How to use Facebook Live