2016 Work Smarter Not Harder – Paula Carper

I am following up on my first virtual prospect… He filled out his “Get Acquainted Form” online, showed up at my office on yesterday for his visit, he shared what his goals were, his health issues, etc… I listed and took some strategic notes, but mostly I just listened. I asked a few questions here and there and listened some more. When he was done sharing, I shared my assessment and recommendations for how we should proceed, asked him if he had any questions and he said, “No, you did a great job!” (I hadn’t asked him that, but I knew I had 😉 He asked me for bullet point list of what was included in my 3 month package that I was recommending. I emailed it promptly after he left and said I hoped to hear back from him soon because I think he would really benefit from my help. I waited and just prayed that whatever the outcome, I would be ok with it. I was….Then just about an hour ago, I got an email from him. He is IN. He has purchased my first package sale and I am thrilled! Not because I didn’t think it would work (I have believed it would all along), but because this process allowed me to do what I am good at and that brings me great joy and satisfaction. THIS is why I signed up for this class….and yes, Tracy, this is my testimony. Your guidance has allowed me to find the systems that will work for me. God is good and Tracy, you rock!

Paula Theriot Carper

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