What I Have Healed (& You Can Too!)

The truth about my story…..sharing via video today my long list of diagnosis in 2015 when I was sick.

And alllllllll the symptoms that have resolved.

I pray this encourages and inspires you!


? Tracy

Medical Findings:

·       SIBO

·       Chronic Neurological Lyme

·       Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) w multiple strains

·       Chronic Fatigue Syndrome {CFS}

·       Told I had bad genes and sensitive to mold

·       Told I had poor detox genes

·       Told I was Non-celiac gluten sensitive (NCGS)

·       Cognitive dysfunction – went to the Amen clinic for a brain scan and evaluation

·       Plantar fasciitis

Just some of my symptoms, and these have resolved

·       Fatigue

·       Brain fog

·       Calcification on hands (both hands)

·       Nearsighted (and vision has improved)

·       Neurological symptoms (partial list)

o   Car sickness was severe

o   Plantar Fascitis

o   Easily startled

o   Sensitive to noises and fast moving scenes in movies

o   Restless leg syndrome

·       Heart palpitations

·       Hypothyroidism

o   Off thyroid meds for 3+ years now w normal labs)

·       Ear swooshing

·       Thin hair that broke easily

o   Hair is growing and minimal greying

·       Thin fingernails that chipped easily

o   Nails stronger

·       Super dry skin and I couldn’t get tan easily at all

o   Skin has a healthier glow

o   Don’t need lotion

o   Easily tan and not burn

·       When I was sick, VERY irregular menses

o   Post healing – regular cycles

o   almost no cycling via menopause

o   easy transition to menopause

o   (some hot flashes if I don’t eat enough or too much stress – adrenals)

·       Had yellowing teeth

o   Teeth whiter

·       Eyes whiter AND bigger

·       BM’s multiple times a day

·       Joint pain esp right hip when sleeping

Not validated yet but with 1# of greens a day, nutrient dense diet, expect my next DEXA scan to show that my bones are strengthening, not diminishing

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