3 Supplements I Can’t (or don’t want) To Live Without!!!


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I get that food is medicine but sometimes our bodies need more than we can eat in a day.  Sometimes we need some extra support.

In this video, you’ll learn *if* you should take a multi-vitamin.
You’ll learn a few tips to identify if your multi is a quality one.
If you wondered where you should buy your supplements, you’ll learn that too!

If we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals via our diet, our body will do what I call “nutrient triage” – meaning it’ll give the Magnesium to the heart so we don’t get arrythmia.   If there isn’t enough Magnesium to go around, the critical functions get first dibs.

We need vitamins and minerals to fuel mitochondria, make hormones, make healthy hair and nails, manage stress, get good sleep, and have enough energy to get through the day.

A good diet is crucial.  Make no mistake.  But even if you eat 100% organic, is the soil rich with minerals?    If you have a stressful life, do you eat enough food sources of B5, B6 and Vitamin C to support healthy adrenal gland function?

So, now, just watch the video to find out which THREE supplements I dont want to live without!!!


PS – handy links:
http://healthylifestylesmt.com/supplements-2/ to watch the interview with my Nutri-Dyn rep

http://healthylifestylesmt.com/supplements-2/  is also the link to set up an account and access pharmaceutical grade supplements yourself

3 Supplements I Can't Live Without

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 About Tracy Konoske, MS, RDN

meet_tracyTracy Konoske is an eclectic clinician and uses a blend of natural, integrative, functional, and personalized medicine to help her patients feel their best.  Tracy understands that there are 4 drivers of chronic disease:  Toxins, Infections, Stress, and Diet.  And it's often a combination of all 4 that lead to a chronic health condition, and thus it takes a treatment plan addressing each of the 4 to resolve and reclaim good health.  Tracy has recovered from 2 "perfect storm" situations which had drastic effects on her health and led to multiple mystery illnesses and diagnosis including Lyme.

By reducing the burden of these triggers, Tracy is successfully resolving:

  • Fatigue (anemia's, adrenals, thyroid-related, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME-CFS)
  • Auto Immune Conditions (Hashimoto's, Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac)
  • Mental Health Conditions (anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD/ADHD)
  • Cognitive Dysfunction (trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, symptoms of early Alzheimer's)
  • Digestive Disorders (low hydrochloric acid, "leaky gut", Candida Albicans, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO, IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Migraines and chronic headaches
If you've one or more of the above-mentioned conditions, or have been told you have Lyme or chronic Lyme,  there's a good chance you are in the right place.If you have a history of chronic sore throats, tonsillitis or tonsillectomy, mononucleosis, glandular fever, shingles, and/or cold sores, there's a good chance you are in the right place.

There are no coincidences.  All good things come from God.