About Tracy – America’s Virtual Nutritionist


“I believe with all my heart that we are what we eat….

You can’t put bad gas in a car and then expect it to win the Indy 50. 

We are no different. 

Our diet affects everything we do – starting with digestion and absorption, and the downstream effects that our diet has on our level of inflammation, immune regulation, our ability to handle stress via hormone production, regulation of blood sugar and cholesterol, sleep quality, hormone balance, bone strength, muscular tone, weight management,  skin elasticity and tone,  brain function, prevention of chronic disease……

Hippocrates was right when he said “Let food be your medicine”
-Tracy Konoske MS RDN, owner, Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.


About Me
I am a  Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist – with a masters degree –  (MS, RDN) using a unique combination of training in a whole foods plant based diet, supplements, and herbs.  My life purpose is to help you understand the root causes of chronic disease, and help you heal.

I limit the number of cases that I take at any one time, so that every patient gets the best possible care. Each treatment plan is individualized and no two are the same.

I am successfully treating a variety of chronic health conditions including those mystery conditions that conventional medicine can’t solve.

By the time you find me, you’ve probably been to (too) many doctors and specialists. Although you’ve spent a lot of money and tried a lot of things, you are still “sick and tired” and don’t have any answers about how to actually heal.

The results are profound and part of a bigger picture because if you are truly well, you can shine in your own life purpose!

My own health (updated in 2018)…

I was 26 when a car wreck changed my health and my life.  I had to overhaul my own diet and lifestyle behaviors in order to heal.  But you know what they say.  “Out of the ashes rises the phoenix.”  The results were undeniable, and as a result, I changed careers and received my Masters degree in nutrition from the natural medicine school, Bastyr University, in 1998.

My own health was challenged again in 2015 when I was diagnosed with chronic neurological Lyme disease.  Concurrently, I tested positive for Epstein Barr and a few other herpetic family viruses.  I dived into understanding pathogens and their role in illness. It took me down a road I didn’t plan on, but I learned things that I can’t unlearn.   I adjusted my diet to deal with the pathogens, and learned even more about herbs and supplements. I was healing well until it was interrupted by another motor vehicle accident in 2017 (huge trigger that resulted in a relapse), but I am walking my talk and going through the healing process again.

PS – I am not the bad driver responsible for either of these wrecks!


I live in Southern Montana in an arranged marriage (ask me sometime!), our grass fed cows, a horse, a few cats, and our super smart chocolate lab.

Johny and I enjoy gardening, boating, camping, 4-wheeling, and 2-stepping.

I love to hike, bike, sit in the sun especially if it’s on a beach, fish for wild salmon, study natural healing, spend time with family and friends, and sit by the fire and read – in no particular order.



  • Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Montana State University-Billings (1990)
  • Master’s of Science degree in Nutrition, and Dietetic Internship, from Bastyr University (1998, 1999), a pioneer in natural medicine
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) from the Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM) 2006
  • IFM Energy Module 2013
  • IFM Detox Module 2013
  • IFM Hormone Module 2013
  • IFM Immune Module 2014
  • IFM CardioMetabolic Module 2015
  • IFM GI Module 2015

I continue to study all things that will help you fully heal, and am using the best information I can to help you heal and I feel like I’ve had some Divine guidance in this regard.

If you prayed to find the truth about how to heal, it’s probably not an accident you are on my website.  ?

Love and many blessings,