Tracy & MRT Helped My Interstitial Cystitis!

Tracy & MRT helped my Interstitial Cystitis (IC)!

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) has been part of my life for 8 1/2 years.  It is a frustrating and confusing inflammatory bladder condition that leaves doctors completely perplexed  and patients searching for more information on how to help themselves.  I’ve had some success using medical treatments but over the years I have developed other conditions involving inflammation as well.  I just wanted to feel better!  After seeing many, many doctors I wondered if my diet and nutrition could be part of the problem.  In my search for more information, I found Tracy Konoske.  Tracy has been wonderful!  I feel that she has an excellent grasp on the information that we visit about and she is genuinely concerned and caring during each conversation that we have.  Since beginning the LEAP program, I have experienced positive results in all areas of my health and I have a better understanding of how I can continue to help myself by eating foods that will benefit my immune system, rather than sabotage it.  I feel great!  My IC symptoms have not surfaced while I have been on the LEAP program.  I highly recommend MRT testing for anyone suffering from IC.  It is a positive step forward in finding out what may be affecting your system in a negative way.  The LEAP program has certainly made a big difference in my life.  I wish everyone who follows down the path of understanding the same “ah-ha” moments that I have had.
– Sheila O’Brien  6/6/12

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