Tracy Has Helped Me Change My Life!

As a 63 y.o. woman, I’ve had my share of health issues and doctors!  Tracy has helped me more than I’d of ever imagined!

  • You taught me to eat my colors – red, purple, white, orange, and green
  • When I started with you, I used to say things like “I’m hungry enough to eat the furniture” and now I know that my brain needs some carbs and so by consuming a small amount throughout the day, I don’t get over hungry and thus overeat.  I have slowly been losing weight and my A1c is still always below 6.0!
  • Since I changed my eating habits, I haven’t felt like my head is in a fog.  At first it was strange, but now I try not to take it for granted.
  • I have a BM once a day, instead of once a month!
  • My wheezing and chronic bronchitis are gone!
  • I love my powdered custom blend, specially designed for me, multi vitamin that I mix in water,  instead of handfuls of pills to carry around and swallow!
  • You helped me find things to eat that I thought weren’t good for me

I haven’t felt this good physically for so long and I plan to (still) feel better.  I have made changes this past year that that I never thought I would or could!
-Phyllis McGrath   12/2012

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