The Results of my own Toxic Core Detox Profile!

As a natural, integrative, and function-medicine trained nutritionist, I’ve implemented a lot of changes over the years to reduce my exposure to toxins in my home and environment.

I recently did a Detox Test on myself and must say, I was a bit surprised at the results.

I tested positive for DDE – a metabolite of DDT which was banned in 1965 but is “persistent”.  Persistent means it persists in the environment for years.

I also tested positive for parabens, phthalates, and hexachlorobenzene!

The moral of the story is we ALL need to be implementing detox strategies on a DAILY basis!  Toxins wreak havoc on our internal machinery!


1.  Disrupt methylation pathways which has multiple downstream effects
2.  Alter insulin signaling which has multiple downstream effects
3.  Poison mitochondria which leaves us lethargic or flat out chronically fatigued
4.  Disrupt hormones, since they act as fake estrogens

Moral of the story?  Clean up your act!  Me too!  We’re all exposed.   We inherit some of this stuff.  I’ll be drinking more lemon water to flush  my liver and eating more foods that facilitate biotransformation of toxins!


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