MRT Helped With My Fatigue, Irritability, Constipation, And More!


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MRT helped with my fatigue, irritability, constipation, and more!

I used to suffer from fatigue, fatigue, more fatigue, irritability, constipation and other things for years.   It started when I was a teen and gradually, over the next 40 years, increased. I had to rest up all day if I was going to do something in the evening. If I went away it would take me a week to 10 days to recover when I came home.

I tried just about everything. I’ve been to homeopaths, naturopaths, the AMA, colonic therapists, etc. I cleansed alone, with professionals, and always felt well for a short while afterwards and then my symptoms would start slowly showing up again.  I did manage to work out that I was affected by food. There is plenty of literature out now about things that might be happening. I tried a challenge diet and felt so much better without wheat that I thought that I would go see an allergist. The answer was that I was not allergic to a single thing, not one thing. The allergist let me go with the words of how sorry she was, she knew that I thought I had found the answer but she couldn’t help. She wished she had something to recommend. Even so I kept wheat out of my diet as I no longer suffered from migraines or insomnia.

When I started this work with Tracy, my symptom survey score was 40; after two weeks the score is 10! Imagine my joy at being functional throughout the day. I have felt such a change in my irritability level that  I asked my husband how he thought the food changes were going. He screwed up his courage and said that I was much easier to live with. I said it was easier to live with myself.

I’ve only been at this a few weeks now, but the change is well worth it. The work requires discipline and a good deal of commitment. It is my job to make sure that the food plan I have is followed, and that I don’t slip. The work becomes easier as I see how it is positively affecting my life. I expect my body to keep changing and healing as time goes by. It can’t all happen at once, although the changes so far are positive and certainly enough to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I would recommend working with Tracy and MRT for anyone who has those nagging physical and emotional problems that seem to be irresolvable. She is supportive, explains what is going on, is confident in the process, and will be there as questions arise—and surely they will. It is, of course, a risk, but I would support anyone in their choice to deepen their healing through using this method with Tracy.

Charis Craven, Billings MT

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 About Tracy Konoske, MS, RDN

meet_tracyTracy Konoske is an eclectic clinician and uses a blend of natural, integrative, functional, and personalized medicine to help her patients feel their best.  Tracy understands that there are 4 drivers of chronic disease:  Toxins, Infections, Stress, and Diet.  And it's often a combination of all 4 that lead to a chronic health condition, and thus it takes a treatment plan addressing each of the 4 to resolve and reclaim good health.  Tracy has recovered from 2 "perfect storm" situations which had drastic effects on her health and led to multiple mystery illnesses and diagnosis including Lyme.

By reducing the burden of these triggers, Tracy is successfully resolving:

  • Fatigue (anemia's, adrenals, thyroid-related, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME-CFS)
  • Auto Immune Conditions (Hashimoto's, Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac)
  • Mental Health Conditions (anxiety, depression, OCD, ADD/ADHD)
  • Cognitive Dysfunction (trouble concentrating, forgetfulness, symptoms of early Alzheimer's)
  • Digestive Disorders (low hydrochloric acid, "leaky gut", Candida Albicans, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO, IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Migraines and chronic headaches
If you've one or more of the above-mentioned conditions, or have been told you have Lyme or chronic Lyme,  there's a good chance you are in the right place.If you have a history of chronic sore throats, tonsillitis or tonsillectomy, mononucleosis, glandular fever, shingles, and/or cold sores, there's a good chance you are in the right place.

There are no coincidences.  All good things come from God.

Every day, Tracy is helping people just like you get well!