Migraine Relief!


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I needed help with my migraines, among other things!

I  used to get 3 to 5 migraines a month and suffer from osteoporosis. Since working with Tracy, I now understand the impact my food choices were having on my health.  Through testing and tracking what I eat, I can now identify the food triggers.  I still occasionally try to test the line, eating foods I know I shouldn’t, but quickly realize how much better I feel when I stay the course.

Emotionally, it’s still difficult watching others eat foods I love, like tomatoes and chocolate, but I constantly remind myself how much better I feel. Since starting this program, I rarely get headaches, my knee and joint point is significantly reduced, I have fewer stomach problems and am better able to fight off whatever bug is traveling around the office.

Working with Tracy has been great! I appreciate that she comes from a place of understanding in that she has also experienced some of the same issues. I trust her training and solid understanding of nutrition.  I still struggle with this program, but am quick to recommend Tracy and MRT to anyone with these issues!

-Rosa Barone 1/2013

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 About Tracy Konoske, MS, RDN

meet_tracyFor the past 20 years, Tracy has served as a dietitian/nutritionist and educator to hundreds of patients throughout the US on their journeys to restoring health, and optimizing well being. 

Tracy has a passion for helping others heal, fueled by her own recovery from Chronic Neurological Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, SIBO, and anxiety. 

Tracy says "I have the deepest respect and passion for the healing abilities of the human body.  Each day, I witness miracles when the body is provided optimal fuel:  a nutrient dense, whole, plant foods diet combined with any necessary lifestyle changes.  A talented teacher, known for explaining complex medical topics in plain English, Tracy will assist you in restoring your health and your freedom.  

Tracy helps people with chronic & mystery illness restore their health