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    Tracy Konoske is self-employed holistic nutritionist,
    working independent of Major Medical and Big Pharma
    and has been helping people heal
    using nutrition and lifestyle changes as the foundation of healing for over 20 years.

    What makes Tracy stand out to her clients
    is her passion for identifying and treating root causes of their illness,
    and re-educating them in how to truly heal.

    These are some of her client’s success stories…

    Lilly is healing too!

      I am a trained functional medicine health coach, and yet I was still struggling with my own health.  I love to garden, and I ate a lot of produce and our wild game thinking the paleo diet was the answer. I thought I was eating healthy but my blood fats...

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    Adrienne says….

      When I hired Tracy, I was stuck eating a low-FODMAP diet and taking rounds of antibiotics for SIBO.  I’d been diagnosed with IBS & candida. Tracy quickly identified the root causes, educated me about what to do and not to do, and I got started on my treatment...

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    From Bridgett, 2019

    I’ve pretty much had health challenges my whole life.  Headaches, rashes, fatigue, stomach issues, depression, weight gain, cancer, and possibly auto-immune issues.  A friend referred me to Tracy and I’m so glad. I spent 8 full months under her care and I have learned...

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    Healing Takes Time…but you CAN heal!

    Tracy, Since my time with you I have been able to overcome so much! Thanks to you and your recommendations, I was able to get back on a healthy path and over the past year, have been almost able to eat much of the things that had to be removed from my diet. I honestly...

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    Conquering “Methylation” Issues – Risa Waite

    "Thank you Tracy for all of your support and inspired guidance. Over the past 3 years I have been to 3 nutritionists and multiple functional medicine experts and no one has been able to give me the clear directions to heal my body the way you did. I originally sought...

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