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    Emerson/Wellevate is the online dispensary I have used for 11+ years.  If I was personally ordering supplements as a health care professional, I would order from Emerson side of the business.  In our virtual world, they understand that we aren’t all in an office together anymore, so they offer that my patients can order directly from the Wellevate division of their company. 

    • They carry 3rd party certified professional grade supplements.
    • You save 15% on every order.
    • They offer a $4.95 flat rate shipping on every order OR free shipping on orders over $49!
    • It’s the same stuff I use, and would carry in my office if I had a brick-and-mortar office. 

    Wellevate, is a major distributor carrying over 20,000 products.  They offer everything from multi-vitamins, to homeopathic remedies, to pet supplies.

    Products I use, or have used, during my own healing journey:

    • Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina powder – It’s an easily absorb-able form of protein, has the nutrients of a good multi-vitamin, and superb for anti-oxidants too.  I also recommend Vimergy brand for Spirulina which you can purchase from their shop. 
    • Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is amazing in fighting off any sort of pathogen (flu, Epstein Barr virus, strep, staph, e coli, etc).  We also keep the SS gel around for using topically on cuts & wounds. And SS spray can be used in the eyes for infections including pink eye and we use it if we get a cold/flu in the nasal passages.    PS – if you are worried about silver turning you blue, this is nano-particles and easily excreted.  It is also negatively charged, which makes it unique in the silver market, and is the reason it is so highly effective.  I have personally used this brand of silver since my Lyme diagnosis.   Sovereign Silver is a powerful anti-microbial of both bacteria and viruses.  And I am not blue!
    • Argentyn 23 – Professional Grade Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol   (Stronger than Silver Hydrosol referenced above)
    • Pure Encapsulations
      • Zinc 30 capsules (ideal is the ionic zinc concentrate from Good State)
      • L-Lysine
      • Ester C + Bioflavanoids
      • B complex Plus
      • Chromium 500 mcg
      • Alpha Lipoic Acid
      • Magnesium Glycinate
      • CoQ10 120 mg
      • L-Glutamine Powder
      • D3 – 2000 IU
      • NAC – N Acetyl Carnitine
      • ALA – alpha lipoic acid
    • Gaia Herbs:
      • Olive Leaf Liquid Phyto caps
      • Oil of Oregano Liquid Phyto caps
      • Thyroid Support Formula Pro
      • Ashwaganda caps
      • Adrenal support/HPA axis capsules
      • Turmeric Supreme – Joint
      • Black Elderberry Syrup
      • Bronchial Wellness Herbal Syrup
    • Thorne:  L-Methylfolate 2.5 or 5 mg capsules
    • Wise Woman Herbals:  Licorice solid extract
    • Boiron:  Arnicare Cream, and several homeopathic remedies depending on the condition
    • Progressive Labs:  Curcumin BCM-95
    • Life Extension – NeuroMag

    Register, shop, order, and save 15% on every order from Wellevate

    Good State offers the RIGHT FORMS of both zinc and B12. 

    Zinc is critical for over 400 reactions in the body, and one of zinc’s main roles is immune support.  Since I support a lot of people who are recovering from Lyme disease, Epstein Barr Virus, SIBO and other immune dysfunction conditions, I recommend zinc a lot!

    • Do YOU need zinc?  If you get sick a lot, or suffer from any chronic disease, you need more zinc than what we can get in our dietary intake.  Keep in mind, pathogens play an enormous role in chronic disease, especially mystery illness.  They are a root cause of hypothyroidism, hashimoto’s, Grave’s disease, chronic Lyme, cancers, and most any neurological disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, ALS, Guillain Barre, Dementia/Alzheimers, Depression, Anxiety…)
    • If you have poor nail health (white spots, vertical lines, dents), you need more zinc.
    • If your wounds don’t heal quickly, you need more zinc.

    Technically, our diet should supply enough zinc, but due to current farming practices **AND** the level of toxins and pathogens we are dealing with on a daily basis, we can no longer get enough zinc in our diets.  I like Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30 from Wellevate (above) but it pales in comparison to the absorb-ability of ionic zinc concentrate.  Having a history of chronic Lyme, I take at least 2 dropperful a day.  I add it to my lemon water and drink it first thing each morning.  If I feel a bug coming on, I drink more throughout the day.  And if I feel like I need to be even more aggressive, I take 4-6 dropperful and gargle it.  This way, it goes DIRECTLY into the lymphatic system where it’s needed most.

    Be sure to order the zinc concentrate (2 oz bottle), not the larger bottle of minerals which does not contain enough zinc to overcome an insufficiency. Also of note, this is powerful stuff.  Be sure to follow label directions and drink your zinc (ha!) with a full quart of water!  I have thrown up more than once when I took a dose of zinc on am empty stomach and skimped on the # of ounces I diluted the zinc with!  You’ve been warned!  Get YOUR zinc on!


    B12 is needed by both vegetarians/vegans AND meat eaters.  Why meat eaters you ask???

    B12 should be produced in the terminal ileum in the small intestine.  But, toxins including antibiotics have wreaked havoc on our gut health.  Even if you personally have not had multiple courses of antibiotics, your conventional meat supply is LOADED with them.  80% of the antibiotics produced in the USA are fed to livestock.  You might eat clean now, but most of us have been affected in our earlier years, before we were so wise. And don’t forget the effects of chlorinated water on our gut health!

    As such, MOST of us need to supplement with B12.  You especially need methyl and adenosyl B12 if you have any sort of neurological condition (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis…)  That is because pathogens play a role in each of these diseases.  Schwaan cells have 2 big jobs.

    1 – Schwaan cells present virus’s to our immune system.  Imagine being at a party and served shrimp on a skewer from a gentleman roaming the room.  Schwaan cells are like party hosts that keep you healthy!

    2 – Schwaan cells also make the myelin coating on our nerves.

    If our Schwaan cells are busy presenting pathogens to the immune system, then they triage the job of producing myelin and nerve conduction suffers.  Supplementing with the right forms of B12 allows the nervous system to heal.

    Based on advanced information about methylation and neurological health, I use and recommend a form that contains both Methyl B12 **AND** Adenosyl B12 – with no excipients.  Start with a few drops sublingually and work up as tolerated to at least 1 dropper sublingually a day away from food.  (It’s ideal to take it first thing in the morning, before you eat or drink anything.  If you need more doses, take it 15-30 minutes before your next meal.)   More severe/chronic conditions do require more than one dose of course, but you’ll need to work with a practitioner.

    You CAN heal nerves and myelin, but it takes time, and root causes must be addressed (pathogens and toxins which damaged nerves in the first place). 

    Another huge reason that we all need the right kind of B12 is methylation issues.  I use this same B12 along with Thorne (brand) 5 MTHF to support healthy methylation pathways for myself and my patients.

    If your doctor tells you that your B12 is high, remember that means its NOT getting into the cells and tissues where it’s needed.  It means B12 is high in the bloodstream.  It doesn’t do any good if it’s in the bloodsteam.  It needs to get into the cells and into the nerves.   In this common scenario, pair I recommend pairing your B12 with Thorne 5 MTHF (from Emerson/Wellevate above) to enhance absorption. 


    Wishing you a LIFETIME of health,

    Tracy Konoske MS RDN

    America’s Virtual & Integrative Nutritionist

    Food & Health Expert

    Helping YOU restore and optimize your health!

    Specializing in Immune dysfunction, Gastrointestinal conditions like SIBO, Toxicity issues, and Neurological Damage

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