Rethinking Your Sunscreen


Summer brings us unique opportunities that we don’t get year round.  Like the opportunity to go to the spa or salon and get a pedicure if you’re a female.  And the opportunity to wear sunscreen and be outside.  And the opportunity to really sweat while we’re out walking, jogging, or working in the yard.

In today’s video blog, I’ve got some reminders for you about reading labels on things like lotions and skin softeners that might be used at the spa – be sure to look for key words like “parabens” and “phthalates” which are known hormone disruptors.

And does sunscreen REALLY help protect us from cancer?  In 2007, the FDA said “not really” although their words were something like “no evidence to support it does”.  Whaaattt????  Well guess what.  Someone is making $ off you buying sunscreen and thinking you are safe.  It’s become the status quo.  The EWG (Environmental Working Group) thinks that not only is it possible they don’t protect us, but that some actually HARM us!

Imagine it like this.  We take this toxic goo and Lord only knows what’s in it…..we spread it all over our body….and then we go bake in the sun.  That’s a whole different spin on it isn’t it?

Last but not least, summer might be a time for over heating.  We NEED electrolytes like fish need water.  So be sure to replace them if you’re really sweating bullets – for whatever reason.  We use E-Lyte by Body Bio.  Electrolytes should never be taken with sugar as it affects their absorption (for the worse).  Want to order your own?  Save 15% on every order.  Go to Emerson Ecologics.  See the upper right hand corner and “Create a New Account”.  Enter your own data and enter the codes HL2012 and 59044.

In health, see you next week!
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