Reversing histamine reactions and food intolerances – Jill B

I came to Tracy with a list of symptoms.

I’ve had histamine and other allergic reactions to most all food for years… even fruits and vegetables! There was so little food I could eat without having a reaction to.  I would break out in hives and turn red and itchy.  It was getting to where I was afraid to eat anything!

I also have a genetic gene mutation (MTHFR) and a list of other things going on.

I started working Tracy’s plan for my health and WOW! My body finally started detoxing & healing and can we say, “HELLO liver, nice to meet you.”

By the end of the first week of working with Tracy I was able to eat fruits and veggies with fewer reactions!  I’ve now been working with her for five months and I cannot believe my reduction in symptoms.    It has been amazing!

I’m so thankful for Tracy’s knowledge. Tracy is a wealth of knowledge about the body and it’s aliments. Her knowledge on using food to heal the body was spot on for me.  With diet improvements and supplements she not only improved me, but also my kids and husband. She totally changed the way we eat!  I’m so thankful for her helpfulness and wisdom. She’s been a difference maker for us!

I’m excited to see how great my health is in a few more months!

 Thank you Tracy!

Jill B.

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