Creamy Hubbard Squash Soup!


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As you maybe know, we were UBER successful growing squash this year.  Especially the Hubbards.  They aren’t that sexy being blue and all….and I rarely see one in the market so it seems like they aren’t that popular.  But I’ll tell you what, they are now our new FAVORITE squash!

We used to favor Delicata squash but we BOTH think Hubbard’s rock!  They are creamy and sweet right out of the shell.  You could easily make pumpkin pie or any other dessert with them and no one would know.  As a gardener, you sure get your money’s worth growing them.  A pack of seeds is $2.00 and I counted 25 Hubbard’s @ minimum 15# each but several are 25#!

2015-10-17 18.22.20

Here’s just one of the Hubbards from our garden


And here’s how we cut them open!  Ha!


Now.  On to the creamiest, most amazing, Hubbard squash soup I’ve ever had! It’s definitely a keeper!


2 # plain ground pork – we buy 1 or 2 organic hogs a year
1 Tablespoon of Robyn’s Amazing Porcini mushroom spice  (we are never without this since tasting it the 1st time!)
6-8 average carrots, peeled & sliced
6-8 stalks of celery, sliced
2 tablespoons ghee or fat of choice
2 cups cooked Hubbard squash
1 box of organic chicken broth (of course home cooked is best but I didn’t have any)
1 can of coconut milk
Pink Himalayan salt to taste

Optional:  onion if you aren’t on low FODMAP and tolerate it…..broccolini is awesome too!


  1. If you haven’t done so yet, bake the Hubbard squash, sliced in half or as best you can, face down on a jelly roll pan.  Once you have the cookie tray and face down squash in the oven, add about 1-2 cups water to the pan.  It needs moisture to cook well.  Otherwise, it just sits and sits there, never really softening.  I find that I need to bake it about 90 minutes at 350F but you can see how big ours are.  Judge accordingly.  You can’t hardly ruin it but start checking for tenderness at about an hour.
  2. In a non Teflon skillet, brown the pork and spice’s.  You could try it without the spices as I realize you probably don’t have it on hand.  And it will probably still be amazing.  But we LOVE the spice mix and now always have it on hand, with the spare ingredients ready to mix up the next batch!  It is amazing on any pork product we’ve tried and we also love love love it on chicken thighs.
  3. In a 2nd skillet, saute your carrots and celery until tender.
  4. In a large soup pot, mix your cooked squash, broth, and coconut milk.  I used a hand blender just to make sure the squash didn’t make it lumpy.
  5. Now add your seasoned ground pork and your veggies.
  6. Let it all blend a bit and then season with salt as needed.  Especially if you didn’t use any seasoning on the ground pork.

I did steam broccolini to go with it and just ended up adding it to my soup.  It was WONDERFUL but I hate to over cook my greens so personally, I would always add it separate so that as you warm and re warm the soup, you don’t overcook the greens.

This makes a big batch and I don’t think you will be sorry.  We are half way through and I’m already scheming on cooking up another Hubbard to do it again!

The finished product hubbard squash soup edited

~ Tracy

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