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    How Rebounding Can Improve Lymphatic Health

    There are numerous health reasons you should be rebounding every day.

    Rebounding has a plethora of health benefits — including lymphatic health and detoxification  —  which we are focusing on today.

    But you should also know that rebounding is one of the most powerful and effective exercises that you can do for your overall health.

    Rebounding is safe, no-impact, and burns more calories and provides more benefits than jogging, biking, or weight-training!

    Rebounding reduces body fat, improves overall muscle tone, stimulates metabolism via its beneficial effects on the liver and lymphatic system, and improves the absorption of nutrients since it improves circulation to the digestive system.  It oxygenates the entire body which results in decreased headaches, and boosted energy levels.

    I could say more but I want to focus on how it can improve lymphatic health

    What is rebounding?

    A rebounder is essentially a mini-trampoline.

    Rebounding is exercising on a mini trampoline.

    My rebounder:

    I purchased my first rebounder online.  I bought a cheap one (< $50) because I wasn’t sure I’d like it or keep up with it.  Remember all the jokes about unused exercise equipment?!

    They come in many varieties.  If you are unstable on your feet,  consider one with a stability bar.

    My original rebounder lasted a couple years, but the springs started to elongate.

    I’ve replaced it with the brand  “Leaps and Rebounds“.     I bought the extra wide (48”) so I can do jumping jacks and more moves on it.  I do love to rebound and I think using it has been a significant piece of my healing.  Note that my Leaps and Rebounds version doesn’t have springs.  It has bands, and if they wear out, I can replace them.  Longevity!  It’s been a couple years now, and it’s holding up well.   Mine has grey trim (where it shows green trim if you follow the link) and it’s fraying.  It’s a cosmetic issue but doesn’t affect the performance.

    Rebounding & Lymphatic Health…

    Rebounding is superior for lymphatic health.  Let me explain…

    Your lymphatic system is a collection of vessels, similar to blood vessels, but instead of containing blood, the vessels contain a clear lymph fluid.  You have three times the amount of lymph fluid compared to the amount of blood circulating!  So lymph fluid plays a large role in our fluid balance!

    The lymph fluid is rich with white blood cells (WBC’s) which fight pathogens on your behalf.   I think of it like having a bunch of navy seals on board!

    The lymph system is made up of these lymph vessels plus lymph nodes, your thymus gland, the tissue around your digestive tract (GALT), bone marrow, and your spleen.  The lymph system interfaces with every single part of your body!  And that is why rebounding has so many health benefits!

    You’ve maybe said “my glands are swollen” but really it’s your lymph nodes.

    Movement and Lymphatic Health…

    It’s important to understand that your lymphatic system does not have an organ to pump the lymph fluid, like your heart pumps your blood.

    It needs **you**  to make conscious decisions to incorporate movement in your day!

    The lymphatic system is designed with “one way valves” so that lymph fluid doesn’t pool at your feet.

    You can think of these one way valves like the capital letters “I I” and “V”.

    The valves can open (I I) and lymph travel up (feet towards your trunk).

    The valves close “V” and the lymph fluid is restricted from falling back down into our feet.

    Rebounding is ideal for lymphatic health.  Any sort of muscle contraction will force the lymph fluid to move and circulate.  But rebounding is special.  As you bounce up up and down and are weightless in between, the one way valves open up with no resistance.   Zero gravity.  As gravity pulls you back down  onto the rebounder, the valves close.   Progress is made with each jump, and the lymph fluid is circulated!

    Lymphatic Health and Detoxification

    As a nutritionist who deals with toxicity conditions and pathogen issues like Epstein Barr Virus and Lyme Disease, it’s important to point out that the lymph vessels collect toxins, and waste products throughout the body.

    The lymph vessels and lymph nodes can also become infected with pathogens.   Think about cancer and how the lymph nodes are checked to see if they are involved.

    Let’s go over that again. 
    Lymph vessels collect toxins, and can become infected with pathogens. 

    Rebounding circulates the lymph fluid, so toxins can make their way back to exit doors, and rebounding offers oxygen to the entire body which kills off pathogens. 

    Ideally, we are always physically active, well hydrated, don’t eat an excess amount of fat or salt, and we consume a nutrient dense diet.  When this is the case, the lymph fluid circulates with ease, the toxins are filtered out of the lymph fluid, the white blood cells get the raw materials they need to perform at their best…and all is well.

    But what I see in clinical practice is that we aren’t taught how to nurture and nourish our lymphatic system and lymphatic health is affected.

    The lymphatic system is a critical component
    of our detoxification system. 

    Anything that creates moments of zero gravity
    (like rebounding) helps move lymph fluid. 

    How Do You Rebound?

    There’s no right or wrong way.

    But, if you are new to rebounding, let’s assume your lymphatic system is a little sluggish.  Maybe a lot sluggish after years of fatty, salty foods, not enough hydration, and not enough movement.  The lymph fluid is sluggish with accumulated debris, active pathogens, and pathogen byproduct that has not been filtered out properly.  If this is the case, it’s best to start with light bounces.  Stand upright with knees slightly bent and gently bounce up and down.  Keep your feet on the mat.  Lower your fat intake by 50%.  And start drinking at least a gallon of water a day.  Drink even more water if you are going to continue to eat cooked/salty/fatty foods.

    If you are healthy and have been consistently active in the recent past, you can bounce and allow your feet off the rebounder a bit, but I wouldn’t recommend full on high bounces just yet.   Be gentle with yourself as your body adjusts.  Even if you are healthy, if you have not made active choices to nurture your lymphatic health, your body would appreciate a slow transition.

    How long should you rebound?

    As always, consult with your health care provider first.

    If you are a newbie or have poor health, start with a few minutes a day.  Work up as tolerated.  Some of my patients have to start with one minute!

    If you are healthy and already are active on some level, aim for 5 minutes a day and increase.

    The ultimate goal is up to you, but I’d recommend working up to  20 minutes a day.  Continue doing your other exercises you enjoy.  Or add other exercises to this but remember that rebounding is uniquely special to lymphatic health.

    Because of my health history including Lyme and Epstein Barr Virus, and the fact that I wasn’t previously rebounding, I started out at a few minutes myself.

    3 Health Reasons to Rebound Every Single Day!

    Rebounding is unique and ideal for our lymphatic health, because of those one-way valves, weightlessness in between bounces, and the force of gravity to close up the valves as you descend. 

    We need to “take out the garbage” so to speak, and rebounding is ideal to move the accumulated toxins from the lymphatic vessels.   Cellulite is an accumulation of trapped stored toxins.  If you change your diet and hydration while you rebound consistently, you’ll notice how your cellulite softens and dissolves as toxins finally have the ability to be excreted.  Remember to stay super hydrated….a gallon a day!  And, keep the fat less than 20% per day.  10% total fat is ideal.

    Rebounding is a superb, low-impact form of exercise.  Now, don’t let that low-impact thing fool you.  NASA has their astronauts rebound because it is truly one of the best forms of overall exercise we have found to date as I alluded to in the introduction.  It is an all-around workout that strengthens every cell.

    Rebounding Summary

    Rebounding is inexpensive, convenient when the weather is bad, and most importantly can improve your over all and lymphatic health.   

    If you are frustrated or feeling hopeless about your health, and you can’t continue like this, learn how to take charge of your body, and ultimately the quality of your life. Learn the foundations of health so that you can do the things that are important to you! Even if it feels like you’ve tried everything, or made things, worse, the good news is that your body CAN heal if you do the right things (and stop doing the things that are holding you back)! I will guide you and lead you along the healing path so that you can feel like YOU again!  Schedule a 1:1 session to get your Custom Nutrition Plan!

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