SIBO Series Recordings – 4 Part



Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Series – 4 Part Recordings


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Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Go too often? Do you plan your outings around bathrooms?  Afraid to travel?

Don’t go often enough and you rely on magnesium, drinking coffee, etc and then you pray you can have a bowel movement? Just once please Lord!

Ashamed of your body, because of what IBS does to you in terms of gas & bloating? Or has done to your too thin frame?

Are you miserable every night after a day of eating?

Scared of the future because of the way IBS is impacting your energy?  Your memory? Your weight?

Or, are you health care professional, challenged with your patients’ symptoms you can’t get a handle on…or their symptoms just bounce right back and you need to understand what you are doing wrong?

Either way, patient or professional,
you are in the RIGHT place!

I recently led a group of patients and health care professionals through a 4-part SIBO Series.  It’s recorded and now YOU can have the exact same information!

If you have been from doctor to doctor, struggling with this for months or years, I have the information you need to get your life back!  If you are a health care professional, this is also the information you need to help your patients, just like I help mine.

First, I’m going to teach you what to eat for immediate relief of symptoms.

Second, I’m going to teach you all of your options for treatments – from antibiotics to herbs to elemental diets.  And we’re going to talk about words you might not know – prokinetics and the migrating motor complex.

Third, we’re going to do THE most important class.  The topic no one else is talking about.  Root Causes.  If you don’t identify how you got SIBO, it will just re-occur.  I am famous for saying “SIBO is just the symptom.  Something went wrong and you got SIBO.  We need to know what that something is so we can correct underlying conditions.

The 4th class is 100% Q&A from attendees in the live class.  And they had GREAT questions.  I could tell they were really processing this stuff!  Get educated so you can heal, and live the life you were destined for.

This is the most comprehensive SIBO Class on the market.  

I taught this class live in August 2015 and the reviews are in:

  • I deeply appreciate you putting yourself out there to help so many people.  You are an excellent speaker/teacher!  I loved your webinars.  I have listened to several.
  • You are the QUEEN OF SIBO. 
  • Loved the first class!   I learned so much and have a new appreciation for the complex human body!  I don’t think I will ever think of it the same again…much more appreciation!
  • You are rocking it! I love that you are calling the process a part-time job. I have thought that many times but to hear you say it really helps me feel like I am not alone!   Thank you!
  • This is quite a load of information to digest and absorb (pun intended!) Thank you for all you do and being an inspiration to me! Your knowledge base is very impressive and I really value the program you have provided 🙂
  • Thank you for this class. It was very helpful. Even if I don’t have SIBO, I can use it for any future clients that I have.



Get Educated.
Be your BEST self!

Know what to do!

Know what is safe to eat!

Feel Good Again!

Start Traveling!

Get your memory Back!

Change the paradigm you are living in.  Change your patients lives!

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