Detox Series: Complete 4 Part Package



A Comprehensive 4-Part Series Designed to Reduce Your Toxic Burden & Improve Your Health!

#1 – Household and Personal Care items that aren’t safe….and What To Do
#2 – Environment & Sources of Heavy Metal Contamination….and What To Do
#3 – Laboratory Testing
#4 – Action Steps to Start Improving Your Health Today!


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Hey there, Tracy here.  I am passionate about the subject of detoxification.  We’re all exposed to toxins but there are things we can do… so I’m here for you!  I have put together a 4-part downloadable (podcast type) series that can help you in your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

I CAN help you feel better.  I will be providing very specific information, action steps, and resources in each class.

In this 4-part series, participants will learn what to do to:

  • Feel better overall – imagine your liver as the drain for the “gunk” in life.  Like the sink or shower drain in your house. If you are stuck with the “gunk”, you won’t feel well and it impacts everything – from migraines to joint pain to cholesterol.
  • Improve energy – all day long – without stimulants.  Sounds like a dream right?  It’s not and it’s absolutely possible but it requires deliberate action steps and I’ll teach you what those are.
  • Sleep better – all night long.  How?  As we scurry through our busy day, our body produces chemicals to keep us awake.  And we use stimulants to keep going.  But at bedtime, we have to eliminate those or there won’t be optimal sleep.  I’ll teach you what to do!
  • Lose weight – toxins disrupt metabolism.  They are now known to actually interfere with appetite regulation….as well as impairing optimal function of other bodily processes.  They create inflammation.  For some, they eat right and exercise to no avail.  Others are “puffy” as they body hangs on to extra water in an attempt to try and dilute the toxins.   Let’s get that drain flowing!
  • Decrease the risk of multiple diseases associated with toxins and toxicants – the scientific literature has linked toxins and toxicants to multiple health conditions.  It’s like slow poison through our food, water, and air system!  When you know better, you can do better.
  • Decrease inflammation that erupts as a result of imbalanced liver detoxification – the liver has a 2-step process to get rid of the bad guys.  But if one process is impaired or slow, it can back up the entire system or it can create toxic intermediates that can be more harmful than the original toxin.  Imagine your toilet overflowing.  I’ll teach you how to optimize the 2-step process so the drain is working quickly and efficiently.
  • Halt the aging process by neutralizing free radicals – I just alluded to that toilet overflowing right?  We all know what a mess that is and that if given the choice, we’d rather contain the gunk inside, not outside of the toilet.  Well, if the 2-step process isn’t working right, it also overflows and its messy.  That overflow has direct effects on DNA, mitochondria, and enzymatic processes.  In other words, accelerated aging.
  • Optimize genetic weaknesses that put you at risk of chronic disease – some of us don’t drain well.  But there’s more than 1 way to skin a cat and I can teach you how to bypass the genetic weaknesses and support a healthy drain.

This isn’t your average “Readers Digest” generic class.  It isn’t Dr. Google giving advice.  I have a Masters of Science in Nutrition and hundreds of hours of advanced training in Functional Medicine including the Detox Module.  Functional Medicine is all about Improving Function. Your Function.

Low level exposure, on a daily basis, is affecting our health.  It is

  1. Widespread
  2. Lifelong
  3. Increasing
  4. Cumulative

It’s not really a matter of “IF” we are toxic, but “HOW” toxic we are.   We each have a different “Total Body Burden” which is defined as our exposure to toxins minus our ability to eliminate toxins.  It’s what we’re left with when it’s all said and done. Because of genetics and lifestyle choices, we all handle toxins differently.  Some of us are sailing through life, even as a painter or woodworker.  Others are fatigued and life isn’t much fun anymore….and the really unfortunate souls are plagued with health conditions like Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Parkinsons/ALS/Huntingtons, various cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 2 diabetes, infertility, depression, cardiovascular disease and more.

There is power in knowledge and as Oprah says…When you know better, you do better. You don’t have to be rich to be healthy….Just informed.

I CAN help you feel better.  I will be providing very specific information, action steps, and resources in each class.

This 4-part series could be the answer to your health-related prayers.

Audio #1: What toxins YOU are responsible for via your own home & lifestyle choices.  This class will have A LOT of information about things YOU can do to reduce your toxic burden!  Or things you can to to not clog the drain if you want to think of it that way.  Remember, knowledge is power.

Audio #2: Heavy metals – specifically Arsenic (which the CDC states is our #1 public health concern), Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium.  You’ll learn HOW you are being exposed to these things, what health conditions they are associated with, and WHAT you can do to “head em up and move em out”!!

Audio #3: Testing and Assessment.  We’ll explore inexpensive tests you can do via a walk-in lab………as well as specialty tests done through your health care provider.  You can’t treat what you don’t know…and there’s no sense treating if it isn’t an issue for you and God knows we’re all different.  There is no “one size fits all” in the work I do.  This class will also include genetic factors that influence your ability to detoxify.  Granted, we can’t change genetics but there ARE things we can do to support impaired pathways.

Audio #4: Interventions and Resources and how to detox Safely!   Detoxification when done without guidance can make things worse.  Toxins can cross the blood brain barrier and cadmium is famous for depositing in the kidney.  Who wants that?!  We’ll discuss a lengthy list of things YOU can do at home, via lifestyle choices, as well as what a trained professional can help you with.   We’ll optimize that 2-step process and you will start feeling better within days.

This 4-part series is not a “eat special” detox and then go back to your regular life.  Think of it as a lifestyle class and information you can use for the next 50 years! You’ll learn what you can do to reduce your exposure, and drain that bucket of gunk.  We’ll discuss how to use food as medicine to bind toxins and escort them out of your body.  Prevention is a lot easier than waiting until you are sick and tired…and too sick and tired to do anything about it!

Who: You. This class is for:

  • Anyone who desires better overall health, whether you are looking for improved energy or better sleep
  • Anyone with “brain fog” especially if it accelerated with menopause
  • Anyone on multiple prescription medications
  • Anyone who regularly consumes Tylenol
  • Anyone who drinks more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol a day
  • Anyone who is having fertility issues or is even thinking about conceiving
  • Anyone who has a family history of Cancers, Parkinson’s, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, type 2 Diabetes
  • Anyone who has a toxic job – welders, painters, general contractors, sheet-rockers, carpet installers, airline employees, mechanics, ranchers, farmers, lawn care service employees, house cleaners
  • Anyone who smokes
  • Those that live in big cities, with very little clean air around
  • Anyone who wishes they felt better, had more energy, worries they’ll get cancer or some other chronic disease
  • Anyone who HAS a chronic disease or syndrome

Are you ready?

Here’s what one listener had to say:  “I just completed the first replay and enjoyed it.
The thing that blew me away more than anything was the EPA warnings about (farmed) salmon.”

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