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  1. Hi Kati-Yes, it is really diiufcflt to be 100%GF on a deployment. I’ve definitely lost some weight (which necessarily isn’t a bad thing) but I know some of it will be gained when I get back b/c this isn’t my normal nor would I want it to be. I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, fish, veggies and rice. I’ve learned through trial and error to stay away from anything that has a sauce base, baked beans and instant mashed potatoes. Breakfasts are the worst. Tell your friend to bring GF oatmeal b/c eggs everyday gets old real fast!

  2. Check out the next blog () we talk about some of the retailers aledray going BPA-free. Trader Joe’s is on the list. Their canned corn, canned beans, canned fish, canned poultry, and canned beef products are all BPA-free. You can see Whole Food’s statement on BPA . 27% of their store brand cans are BPA-free, although they don’t label which ones they are. We applaud the efforts of these companies and encourage them to pursue BPA-free packaging for the rest of their canned goods. We would also like for them to label the cans that are in fact BPA-free.

  3. make an appointment with a dcootr for an intestinal biopsy. I left of course, in a rage and did not make the appointment. But, eventually aftera different ER gave the same advice, for jaw pain, I tried the gf diet with coersion from a co-worker. The plan was, if gf diet worked, I go for the test. In two weeks time I had no more brain fog, stuffiness,insomnia, or IBS. I woke up and felt alert in the morning. My jaw got better so I decided that was dental and my garlic treatment worked. But, I also decided there was no way I was going to go back to eating wheat so a dcootr could test me. I felt like my brain had been released from a plastic bag. In months to follow I noticed no more bone pain, asthma, colds, or severe depressive states through a whole winter! When sensation to heat in my hands returned partially in 9 months, after 20+ year absense, I couldn’t help but suspect a gf diet connection; sure enough. I didn’t always have Raynaud’s anymore, either. With so many improvements I still haven’t gone to a dcootr. My GI issues and severe depression did come back twice; both times were with new brands of GF cereals; one got me bad after a couple months in my diet eventually I figured out the coincidence. I still have mild depression .maybe it’s part of healing or it could be the economy, situational or reaction to the effects gluten had on my life. Before going gf, I had depression diagnosis three times after bad life situations; and I tried anti-depressents. But, the anxiety, shaking and an inability to talk made care of my child, my job and myself impossible. I’m wondering What experiences others with Celiac Disease and depression have had with anti-depressants before and after going gluten free?

    • Since my gluten-free riegmen began after diagnosis for intolerance ; I’ve sought nutritional direction and assistance with finding a new path for cooking. However, baking has never been high on my list of favorites, mostly because my own consumption of wheat flour-based desserts was never enjoyable and their creation just as unsatisfying. In this book, the ingredients, steps, methods and results are all TOP NOTCH. Great attention and just-enough explanation has helped me create very delectable cakes and pies that I would have never bothered attempting before. As with most recipe books, the paperback version is void of helpful photos. However, it has given my family and friends another glance into the challenges of eating gluten-free; it’s great for sharing recipes with those who’d cook for those with intolerances/allergies.

  4. Thanks for being one of the only other RD’s who I know that will actually tell it like it is. All of the others seem to have no spine!

  5. Very good information. We are going to try organic butter. thank you! We are looking forward to part 2. I shared this with my folks too. I think it made a dent!

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  7. Very interesting blog Tracy!! So many of us overlook these causes and most of us don’t even have a clue about nutrient deficiency as a root cause. Also, as you say, the thyroid can be an issue–I know if my thyroid medication is off (meaning too much medication on a given day) I have tremendous anxiety.

  8. This is so interesting! My olive oil that I purchase in a metal can from Whole Foods (their brand) solidifies in the fridge. ? Who knows. But a least you have given us more to work with information wise.
    Thank you! Keep up the hard work.

  9. WOW!! I just learned so much! I had no idea there would be a difference in the EVOO you choose… I trusted the manufacturer’s integrity, and the US to uphold a standard – basically assumed they had my best intentions in mind. I guess I was a little too trusting, but will now be skeptical and research where to find a good brand here! I might have to look into this a little more and write about it on my blog 🙂 THANKS FOR THE GREAT INFO!