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    Sick and Tired
    of Being Sick and Tired?


    Physically, by the time you’ve found me you’ve probably been to a lot of doctors and specialists. You are still “sick and tired” and have not found safe, long-lasting solutions to reverse symptoms and restore your health.

    Financially, you’ve spent a lot of money and time on doctor visits, labs, supplements, cleanses, specialty food items…all to no avail.

    Emotionally, you are tired and maybe scared. You hate feeling stuck. You’ve spent countless hours researching and the conflicting advice is overwhelming. The spectrum of emotions can change daily (okay, even hourly right?) but has included loss of hope, anxiety, embarrassment, discouragement, outright depression……to guilt and shame.

    If This Is You, You CAN Heal!

    Doctors aren’t trained in health.
    25% of doctors get 1 hour of nutrition.
    And that means 75% don’t get any!

    Food is medicine….or slow poison.
    If anyone told you diet doesn’t affect your health condition, they are lying or ignorant about human physiology.

    We can resolve these with a custom nutrition plan!


    Immune Dysfunction

    Epstein Barr Virus
    Lyme Disease
    Thyroid conditions
    Strep throat


    Chronic Fatigue
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Neurological Fatigue
    Exercise Induced Fatigue

    Skin Conditions

    Age spots
    Dull dry skin


    Easily startled
    Chemical sensitivity
    Radiating or moving pain

    GI Issues

    Food Intolerances


    Weight Imbalance’s
    Brain fog/Dementia
    Diabetes/Heart Disease

    Auto Immune

    Rheumatoid Arthrits



    High cholesterol
    High blood pressure
    Clotting disorders


    Weight loss or gain needed
    Genetic SNP’s
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    I’ve pretty much had health challenges my whole life.  Headaches, rashes, fatigue, stomach issues, depression, weight gain, cancer, and possibly auto-immune issues.  A friend referred me to Tracy and I’m so glad. I spent 8 full months under her care and I have learned so much.  We met the goals I had, and I continue to feel confident about the rest of my healing.

    ~ Bridgette

    In our 1:1 Custom Nutrition Plan

    We’ll Create a do-able Plan Just For You

    A Nutrient Dense Healing Foods Diet


    safe, effective herbs


    A Few Staple Supplements


    Liver Support


    Lifestyle Changes


    Scripture or Healing Affirmations


    “Tracy, since my time with you I have been able to overcome so much! Thanks to you and your recommendations, I was able to get back on a healthy path and over the past year, have been almost able to eat much of the things that had to be removed from my diet. I honestly feel the best I’ve felt in years and have been able to get off most of the medications I was taking for my fibromyalgia. It takes time, years, but it just goes to show how our bodies can overcome in the end.”

    ~ S.K.


    Do I need current labwork?

    There are some basic labs (CBC, CMP) that can be helpful and I can review them if they are current (within the past 6 months).    However, labs are not essential.  Two people can have the same labs, but a different expression of symptoms.  And two people can have the same symptoms, and their labs are completely different.

    In short, your body is divinely designed to heal and if you put the foundational steps in place, and be consistent with them, your body knows what to do and it will heal.

    How Long does it take to heal?

    Chronic illness doesn’t happen overnight. It’s normal to want to get better quickly.  But what you are experiencing now has likely been building for years and how long it takes to significantly improve health is different for everyone.

    Restoring your health depends on a number of factors including: how old you are, how many months or years you’ve been sick, how sensitive you are, the severity of your symptoms, and your stress levels since stress impacts our health in intangible ways.  But don’t let that list discourage you.  You can heal.  The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The next best time to plant a tree is today.   Your health is the same!

    We are a good fit if you see our work together as a lifestyle, not a diet/treatment plan until you feel better (and then you return to the habits that contributed to your condition).

    People who have the most success connect with me for about a year.  Sessions as needed in this time frame gets people through every major holiday, anniversary, birthday and special event with professional support.


    What if we're not a good fit?

    There’s no obligation to continue our work together.  Sessions are ala carte, meaning you are just booking one session. 

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    Purchase 1:1 Custom Nutrition Plans

    Together, in these 1:1 sessions, we will prioritize YOUR specific steps so you can reclaim your health!

    1:1 custom nutrition plans include cornerstone pieces of healing:

    DIET:  what to eat and what not to eat

    A SUPPLEMENT PLAN:  the right supplements and the right doses, at the right time.  I promise, I won’t overload you with supplements as some practitioners do, but we do have to address root causes of disease which include pathogens, and toxicity.

    I love making complex subjects simple, and you will leave each session with an understanding of HOW the human body works, and WHY you are being advised to do what you are doing!

    It’s my honor to guide you to freedom!  Healing is within your reach and I am here to support you in your journey back to health, so that you can do the things that matter again!


    January 2022 update – individuals and businessess that don’t align with the mainstream narrative are being censored.  And their funds are being impounded in certain cases.

    As such, I am now accepting alternative forms of payment, that are safe for both parties.

    Sessions rates are reduced, as there are no online fees. And there is an incentive to step outside of Big Banks.  Email me for details.


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