One on One Business Mentoring

If you are a health care professional and wish to do some one-on-one mentoring, you are in the right place.   Tracy is available to help you accomplish your dreams!   You probably know that business coaching is invaluable.  It’s a service Tracy has invested in herself and now as a successful nutritionist with a waiting-list virtual private practice, she’s happy to help you shorten YOUR learning curve.

Potential Topics:

  • Your ideal client
  • Website – organization, design, content, essential, pages, lead magnets
  • Content/Inbound marketing/Permission marketing
  • Marketing – driving traffic to your site, growing your newsletter, launching an online group class,
  • Getting, and keeping!, good-paying, long term clients
  • Social media that really works
  • Pick one, or bring your own, but these have been the most popular!

Testimonial from a satisfied client

Tracy – your amazing experience in business has changed my professional life. My practice is sooooo different now.

Your recommendations fit like a glove. I was overworking myself greatly and undercharging for my workload and experience. I was getting burned out and frustrated. I did not have a system to fall on, or rationale created to protect both me and the patients from overusing my services.  

  • You provided processes that have made my practice efficient and allow me to focus more time on what I love the most – supporting my patients.
  • I have fewer sessions a day but my revenue is up and soon I will have a waiting list like you!
  • It feels like I am given permission to finally charge what I need to be compensated for and have structure in place so that both parties are honored best. 
  • I am no longer crushed by email from patients between sessions. It is so nicely quiet.
  • I am more of the clinician I have wanted to be for a long time. I can spend 3-4 hours studying a case without guilt and I do love to study!
  • And I am NOT on the phone at all. What a difference.
  • The website explains things well, so well that I do not have to explain much about how much work is involved but we discuss more of their health concerns – it is a lot of fun.
  • Patients take more responsibility.

Your experience fixing the common pitfalls in a nutritionist’s practice is priceless. I really appreciate your help.

I found you at a time when after a decade in private practice I was burning out and ready to snap at a patient who sent yet another email.

This has been an incredible journey working with you the past few months. I cannot thank you enough.     ~ Kasia Kines

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