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How to Break Through Health ChallengesNutrition Foundations

Nutrition Foundations is my most comprehensive online program with step-by-step building blocks to get YOU on the healing path!  It contains over 50 modules, with detailed information that you need to learn and implement so you can heal.  Because you CAN heal!

It is the core information that I teach each and every one-on-one patient!

  • Feeling powerless?
  • Confused?
  • Stuck?
  • Tired of Guessing?

Have you suffered enough?

Are you ready for 2020 – and beyond – to be a DIFFERENT story?

Yah, I know.  You try to think positive, but it’s wearing thin.  The endless list of symptoms that are seemingly unrelated gets old.

And those Mystery Symptoms, that have no answers.  (Well, at least not in conventional medicine!)

Now and then, a thought creeps in that you just don’t want to live this way forever.

You are over-the-top overwhelmed.

Scared.  Losing hope as time passes you by.

Stressed, Depressed & Anxious.

Lots of doctors and lots of labels….but no REAL solutions.

Hundreds of hours reading and researching how to heal without so many side-effects.   SO confusing!!!!

You’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t work at all, or didn’t work long-term.

You are tired, and your brain can’t seem to stay organized…there are lists everywhere.

You’ve wasted a lot of money buying products that didn’t work.

You are confused about what to eat, and not eat.

  • High carb?
  • Low carb?

OMG.  Now and then, what you eat goes right through you.

As if this isn’t bad enough, the guilt and shame is piling up.

  • You aren’t getting enough done….you feel like a drain on your family.  You definitely aren’t the person you were years ago.
  • Mistakes get made with checking accounts, and work schedules when you can’t keep everything organized.
  • Since you are 24/7 obsessed with your health, you aren’t really spending quality time with family. Even when you are with loved ones, you are thinking about your health and what you can try next to get your life back.

Just so you know, I’ve been in your shoes!

You’d love a little support and
hand holding to get started.

You wish someone would
give you the secret code!

Can you imagine the relief?!

Stop guessing, and turn the reins over to a professional.

It’s here.  I’ve got the roadmap.  And it’s affordable.

I’ve taken the culmination of my  20 years experience, and the things that help the most people consistently, and bundled it into a new self-paced course with optional bi-monthly group support coaching calls.

Introducing my long-awaited, comprehensive, health restoration program…

 nutrition foundations training program to heal health

I refer to Nutrition Foundations as “The Best of Tracy Konoske” as it’s the comprehensive pieces that must be in place for healing to occur.

Nutrition Foundations is THE step by step program to help you:


  • Find the solutions to chronic and mystery illness
  • Tap into the truth about how to heal, once and for all
  • Reveal a new healed, restored version of yourself that you will feel good about!

Get the answers you’ve been looking for. 

Nutrition Foundations is the exact information I teach my one-on-one patients, but now in a platform that makes it accessible to everyone.  And by doing offering it this way, you can learn how to heal at an affordable price…without breaking the bank again.





You will break through all of the confusion you are drowning in.

Proven powerful strategies.

I’m looking for a limited number of people to pilot test my new program.

Nutrition Foundations is available now, to a limited number of people, for a bargain price.

Interested?  Keep reading…

You are a good fit for this pilot test program if you have one of these health challenges and you wish to learn the life changing solutions…


  • Fatigue (adrenal, neurological or combo, anemia’s)
  • GI issues (SIBO, IBS, food intolerances, bloating…)
  • Chronic pain / inflammation
  • Anxiety or brain fog
  • Skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, acne)
  • Blood sugar imbalances (high or low)
  • Methylation SNP’s
  • EBV (Epstein Barr Virus)
  • Immune dysfunction meaning you get sick more than you think you should or you’ve been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition
  • Poor sleep

What you’ll learn and benefits YOU can attain by implementing the steps in the 5 modules
  • Learn how to strengthen your immune system and decrease or eliminate infections, colds, flu’s, auto immune conditions…This can all be done naturally without wicked side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Get the truth about how to reverse your health conditions using food as medicine.
  • Discover what really is going on with metabolism (and learn how to shed excess weight without deprivation).
  • Prevent age-related diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, excessive blood fats, varicose veins, clots, macular degeneration, bone loss….
  • Learn how to get all the minerals you need for strong bones and teeth via your diet
  • Gain an understanding of how to get glowing healthy skin again.
  • Experience the transformation back to wellness.  You deserve to feel good, end the suffering, and you have put up with enough.

You are going to learn ROOT CAUSES, and STRATEGIES, to restore your body’s health.

Prerequisites for pilot-testing the program
  • You have time to implement the step by step pieces outlined so YOU can start healing! The material is YOURS TO USE and IMPLEMENT.
  • You also have time each week to provide feedback which will help me improve anything you see lacking in the course. Comments will be enabled and as you finish the lesson, you will make a comment about what you learned.  Good or bad.
  • You are self-directed and can stick to a schedule for reviewing the material. We have deadlines.  If you’re in a busy season, please wait for the official course to be released.
  • You are ready to unhitch yourself from the dregs of your chronic health condition and you are ready for a professional to tell you exactly what to do so you can heal and have your life, joy, peace of mind, and freedom back.

Nutrition Foundations is a self-study online portal of information.  And, there are optional group support coaching calls.

There are 5 modules and currently about 50 foundational lessons. Again, it is the SAME information I teach my one-on-one patients.  Going through the modules on your own saves you a TREMENDOUS amount of money.

Module #1 = Hope for Healing with 10-12 lessons
Module #2 = Nutrition Foundations with  ~ 20 lessons
Module #3 = Health Foundations with  ~ 12 lessons
Module #4 = Toxins and your Health with ~ 4 lessons (so far)
Module #5 = Wrapping up all you’ve learned!

There are specific actions steps for you to take throughout the course. I am guiding you along.

As a beta-tester in my program:
  • You’ll read or watch the lesson material.
  • You will implement the healing action steps in your life so YOU can start the healing process… in the right order with the right information. No more online searches!
  • Tell me if it was confusing or if I can improve anything.
  • Did you have an “aha” moment?  Tell me that too!

How much time is required?

Some lessons are straightforward and fast (5 – 30 minutes). Some lessons will require 1.5 hours each. These are lessons where I’m asking you to view an online health documentary. Module #1 is front loaded with several documentaries. They are quite encouraging and will fuel your hope for your own healing! Watch with your family and get them educated and empowered too! Some of the documentaries are free in cost, but there are some you will need to rent or buy for a small fee ($4-12). You will leave module #1 with the confidence that you CAN heal.

Modules 2-5 have shorter lessons, but plan on time in your day and week to implement the healing steps.

The whole point of being a beta-tester
is I will tell you what to do
so YOU can heal can start healing NOW.

You tell me if the material needs any clarification,

or how to improve it in ANY way.

The beta testing fee for Nutrition Foundations is $247

Save THOU$AND$ over hiring me in multiple one-on-one sessions
to learn the SAME material!

Nutrition Foundations

Optionally, you may add on 4 group coaching support calls for an additional $100.

The group coaching support calls allow you to clarify the material and get your questions answered.  This will be a small group (10 or less) so you can be sure that you get the support you need.

Group support coaching calls will be on Tuesday nights. You can attend live or submit your questions.

Tentative Dates

  1.  1/21/20 @ 8 PM – 9 PM EST Reviewing module #1 and #2
  2.  2/4/20 @ 8 PM – 9 PM EST Reviewing module #3
  3.  2/18/20 @ 8 PM – 9 PM EST Reviewing module #4
  4.  3/3/20 @ 8 PM – 9 PM EST Reviewing module #5 and making sure you have an action plan in place going forward.



Don’t delay
if this is a good fit for you.
Let’s get moving you toward the finish line!

The only thing you have to do is decide that you are ready.

The right time to do something is today.
It’s immediately available.

nutrition foundations program

Registration fees are non-refundable
as you have immediate access to the course materials.

Access to the beta course and materials
will close on March 5, 2020.

Questions?   Email me at tracy @

If you’ve been a one-on-one patient in the last 5 years,
and you’d love a refresher, email me for a coupon code.

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