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    The Building Blocks of Health

    The foundations of health are the same for everyone!

    And they don’t actually involve treating your specific disease.

    There are diet and lifetyles changes that must be addressed no matter the symptom(s).

    Nutrition Foundations is a great place to start
    even if you feel your issues are too serious or too complicated. 

    nutrition foundations program

    step-by-step building blocks to restore your health

    Start Healing Today!

    Sustainable Energy & Stamina

    Treat root causes so that you sleep better, and have the energy you need for day-to-day activities again.


    Identify your root causes, and implement the action steps so you can live life without being a burden to others.

    Stop obsessing about your health

    With the information in the curriculum and specific action steps, you can free up time &  energy to do the healing!

    Ideal weight & confidence

    Gain or lose weight as needed, and feel confident about your health.

    Say hello to healthy aging

    Learn what you need to do so you can stay mobile, keep your memory, avoid vision and other chronic health issues, and age gracefully.

    Freedom to do what matters most to you

    If you had a magic wand, what would you do again?  Because you can heal and you can have your life back!

    be active

    Enjoy life without the aches and pains, exercise without shortness of breath or exercise-induced fatigue.

    Eat without fear

    Learn how to strengthen digestive health with diet.

    Stabilize your mood

    Balance your hormones and neurotransmitters using foods as medicine.  Even bio-identical hormones have risks!

    have hope about your future

    The confusion about what to do to heal, and have health for life, can end today.

    You Can Heal!




    Immune Dysfunction

    Epstein Barr Virus
    Lyme Disease
    Thyroid conditions
    Strep throat


    Chronic Fatigue
    Adrenal Fatigue
    Neurological Fatigue
    Exercise Induced Fatigue

    Skin Conditions

    Age spots
    Dull dry skin


    Easily startled
    Chemical sensitivity
    Radiating or moving pain

    GI Issues

    Food Intolerances


    Weight Imbalance’s
    Brain fog/Dementia
    Diabetes/Heart Disease

    Auto Immune

    Rheumatoid Arthritis



    High cholesterol
    High blood pressure
    Clotting disorders


    Weight loss or gain needed
    Genetic SNP’s
    Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    nutrition foundations program

    “The Best of Tracy Konoske!”
    Diet and lifestyle changes ARE life-changing, and they are  the foundation of my signature program.

    What’s Included


    Self-Paced, On-Demand Curriculum

    The learning modules start with some great video’s to watch and they will fuel your confidence about healing. People love these! 

    Then, advance through the 6 modules, with specific action steps. Learn how to make changes to your lifestyle, so that you can achieve the health you want, without all the overwhelm.  This is NOT symptom management; this is about putting the foundations in place for long-term health.

    Video's to Fast Track Your Learning

    I have been recording videos for you when I am tired, hungry, traveling, or need a fast meal.

    These are not studio production videos. These are REAL LIFE scenario’s because I walk the talk.  These videos with tips and action steps are meant to help you put all of the information from the curriculum into immediate action!

    Hundreds of tasty, easy recipes!

    Get access to my personal menu – hundreds of recipes free of gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and common excipients hidden in foods. This will save you time and we all need that!  

    Every recipe is plant based, nutrient-dense, and made with whole foods.  This is the food Johny and I eat every week! Recipes are purposefully simple, and they do not require unusual ingredients. These are EASY recipes, and it is food you and your family can love!  **Don’t worry, there are plenty of comfort foods here!

    Live group Support and Coaching Calls twice a month!

    Research shows that those participating in a support group do better than those going it alone.  

    *LIVE* access to me twice a month for hour-long calls.  Bring your questions, your barriers, your fears, your triumphs! 

    PLUS,  connect with others who are on a similar journey. You are not alone!

    We meet via a phone (no fancy software required) on Tuesdays at 8 PM EST.  Attend live, or submit your questions and listen to the recording later!

    bonus training on special topics

    Not only do I want to help you get well, I want to teach you how to STAY well!  Once you’ve got the foundations in place, you’ll want to learn how to keep your health optimized throughout your lifespan!  A couple examples of special topics:

    • How to prevent or reverse macular degeneration
    • How to prevent or reverse osteoporosis

    Specialty topic trainings are recorded and added to your dashboard so you can listen at your leisure.

    Discounts for 1:1 Sessions

    This is a group program, but you have the opportunity to purchase a discounted 1:1 session so we can tailor the information to YOU.

    1:1 sessions are also a safe space for sharing if you are embarassed about any of your symptoms and would like to discuss them privately.

    As a Nutrition Foundations member, there will be a special checkout link in your membership dashboard.




    Sign up for nutrition foundations


    how-to-heal curriculum


    100's of recipes


    action step videos


    2x a month live group calls


    Discount on 1:1 Sessions


    specialty trainings

    Nutrition Foundations = A “User Manual” for a Healthy Body

    Implement diet and lifestyle changes today,
    so you can say yes to life again!


    Prep Work and Module 1 of 6


    Fuel your transformation, and expand your thinking

    – Learn some ugly truths that are keeping you sick
    – Hear from people who used food as medicine to heal
    – Get resources on board for your success
    – How to lose, or gain, weight on your new diet
    – What to eat and what not to eat for the fastest recovery possible
    – Answering your questions about carbohydrates, protein, and fat for health-for-life!

    Module 2 of 6


    Learn about root causes that initiated your health conditions. And understand the triggers that keep you in a perpetual state of illness.

    – Pathogens, including but not limited to, Epstein Barr Virus, Shingles, HPV, the HSV family of viruses….and bacteria like strep, bartonella, babesia, H Pylori, and E coli. Let’s not forget about Candida Albicans right?!

    – Toxins – common, and not-so-common, compounds that feed the disease process and burden your body beyond capacity

    Module 3 of 6


    Learn what is perpetuating your chronic and mystery health conditions. Identify where you need to take action. Incorporate long-term, effective, sustainable action steps and strategies so you have Health For Life.

    – Stress
    – Nutrient Deficiencies
    – EMF’s
    – Mold
    – Toxin Exposures
    – Immune Insufficiencies

    Module 4 of 6


    Identify and harness the life changing super foods, most of which can be found at any supermarket, so that you can have health for life.

    Check out the “What To Eat” and “What Not To Eat” lessons!

    – Understand the mistakes you are making with fat and protein intake
    – Learn what fuels insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease
    – Get real-life tips to finance your new lifestyle
    – Quick start your healing with a suggested morning routine

    Module 5 of 6


    Learn more about each of your body systems. With a deeper understanding, you can target and prioritize systems that need attention. Implement the action steps and start healing!

    – Liver Health
    – Immune Health
    – Gut Health
    – Neurological Health
    – Reproductive Health
    – Adrenal Health

    Module 6 of 6 and Summary


    There are thousands – maybe millions – of claims that various supplements are the magic wand. The problem is, most don’t solve the problems do they? They just leave you broke and discouraged.

    I’m going to teach you how to heal using nutrition as a foundation, but there are a couple supplements that are hard to get in food and you’ll learn about them in this module. Nutrition Foundations is not about buying a bunch of supplements!


    Plant-based, whole foods and nutrient dense. These are EASY to make and do NOT require fancy ingredients.  I am certain you will find recipes your family will love!
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks and travel tips!

    Energizing Smoothie & Juices


    Dips & Salsa’s


    Healthy Dinners


    Manly Meals


    Hundreds of Dressings!


    Side Dishes


    Ethnic Options


    Travel Snack Hacks!

    **LIVE** SUPPORT!!!

    The missing piece in too many online and group programs is the lack of live support.  I am here for you!  Nutrition Foundations has (2) 1-hour group calls each month! 

    Stay connected and motivated!


    Personalize the information to your needs!


    Ask your questions.  If you can’t make a call, email me your questions and listen to the recording.


     Share ideas, successes, and breakthroughs with people who “get” you!


    Groups are small, so you get personalized attention.

    “Tracy, I want to thank you for ALL your help over the past 6 months. I have more energy, am sleeping soundly, I can eat without feeling bloated and miserable, my skin is brighter and my hair feels healthy again. I’ve shed pounds and my joint pain is gone. I’ve even been able to come off my thyroid meds!”

    ~ Kristi C. 

    “I’ve had histamine & other allergic reactions to most all food for years… even fruits and veggies! I would break out in hives and turn red and itchy. I also tested positive for MTHFR. By the end of the first WEEK of working with Tracy I was able to eat fruits and veggies with fewer reactions! It’s now been five months and I cannot believe my reduction in symptoms. Her knowledge on using food to heal the body was spot on for me. I’m so thankful for Tracy’s knowledge!”

    ~ Jill B.

    “Tracy helped get me started by looking at my history and created a healing plan specifically designed for me. What I loved was that she told me that we were going to help “heal my body with food.” After having been on 30 or so supplements at any given time, this was music to my ears. She started me out slowly as to not overwhelm my system. With monthly guidance, I was able to see changes occurring and it didn’t take that long! I just had bloodwork done and I have no more thyroid issues and my bloodwork shows no sign of chronic infection!” 

    ~ Susan D.

    Thank you….What a great call last night! For me, one of the real pearls was the discussion on trust and healing.  I thought about that all day!! 

    I also loved our conversation around attitude, and shifting our negative thoughts around healing too. 

    I am so glad I am working with you and in this group!! Blessings Lovely Lady!!!

    ~ Bev C.

    Sign up for nutrition foundations


    how-to-heal curriculum


    100's of recipes


    action step videos


    2x a month live group calls


    Discounts on 1:1 Sessions


    specialty trainings


    I got you!

    Would it be faster to work with you 1:1?

    It’s really a personal choice about being a “group person” or “not a group person“.  

    I designed the Nutrition Foundations group program WITH the discounted 1:1 sessions so that you have 1:1 help when you need it, **and** (2) touch points a month via group support for encouragment, accountability, and to continue to expand your learning.


    What is the discount amount on 1:1 sessions?

    The amount varies each month to keep it fun!  It will range from 10% to 40% off the regular rate. 

    What about my food intolerances?

    You’ll learn about the root causes and how to heal them!

    What if I can't make the LIVE call?

    You can submit your questions via email. And all of the group support and coaching calls are recorded and added to your dashboard. Log in and listen to the playback at your leisure!

    What if I don't like the program or life changes

    Just log in to the account and cancel before your next payment!

    Is this relevant if I've already gone gluten and dairy free?

    Absolutely. Health is a puzzle, and unless the foundations are built properly and in the right order, it’s going to be difficult to achieve improvement.

    There isn’t ONE thing that is going to get you out of the hole you are in. 

    Nutrition Foundations will teach you which foods to eat, and which foods to avoid. The blend of these two MUST happen concurrently for healing to ignite. It won’t matter if you are drinking a fresh green juice every morning, if you are still eating foods that are holding you back, or if you are (knowingly or unknowingly!) participating in behaviors that are keeping you sick.

    Your future doesn’t have to be a depressing minefield of endless trial and error, the right steps to take will become crystal clear.

    You can’t build a house without having the foundations in place first. The same goes for your health. (Plus, I have hundreds of recipes to make meal-time easy for you and your whole family and they are safe for people on the healing journey!)

    Will my family like the recipes too?

    The Recipe Module has 100’s of easy but tasty recipe ideas. This is literally my own collection of recipes and meals that Johny and I eat every single week. It’s the food I make for guests and they ask for the recipes!

    But I feel like I've tried everything!

    Some of you have tried a DIY approach, but on your own, it is difficult to ascertain what to do. There is so much conflicting advice out there!

    Many of you have worked with some of the best providers out there, but still suffer. If you have followed my journey, that was my story too, until I put all the right pieces in place at the same time!

    The bottom line is that there isn’t ONE thing that will get you out of the hole you are in.

    To restore health is to do many – or all – of the right things day in day out and let our miraculous bodies do the rest.

    Recovering health is a process, and I will be with you every step of the way. You can heal!

    About Me…

    I’ve been in your shoes. A couple of times actually. I was born sick and left the hospital on Phenobarbital. I was diagnosed with a bi-lateral hip disease and wore custom leg braces in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  I went on to have decent health as a child, but struggled with sore throats and mild weight issues.

    When I was 24 years old, I was rear-ended at high speed while stopped on the freeway.  It triggered what I now know was my first episode of Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and a case of mononucleosis. Since no blood was shed in the accident, no labs were drawn, but boy I was T.I.R.E.D and gaining weight at a rapid pace!!! I received physical therapy, but was left to heal my extreme fatigue and weight gain on my own. 

    It was this event that led me to a 2nd bachelors, and my masters, in Nutrition. I studied, healed, and learned the value of a nutrient-dense diet, lifestyle changes, and natural medicines!

    I had another significant health challenge again in 2015.  You can read the details on my Meet Tracy page, but in short, I began the healing journey again.

    Today, I feel great. I have my life back and I can live it on my terms, instead of my ailments calling the shots!

    I wouldn’t wish this journey on anyone, but I am SO thankful for all I have learned along the way. And it is my life’s purpose to share it with you so you too can feel like superwoman again!


    Get Started Today!


    how-to-heal curriculum


    100's of recipes


    action step videos


    2x a month live group calls


    Discounts on 1:1 Sessions


    specialty trainings

    From my heart

    Luke 18:27  “The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God”.

    I picked this verse and had a talk with God.  My 1:1 private practice had a waiting list of 67 people.  People were begging for help.  I knew I could help more people via group classes, but putting a worthy program together, on top of everything else I was doing, felt impossible.  And, would a group program be as effective as 1:1 work?

    But if He – the Creator of all things and CEO of my business – wanted me to offer group classes so that I could help more people heal, this verse would be my sign.

    The next morning, this verse was in my at the top of my news feed via a site called “I’m So Blessed”.    God heard me, and answered loud and clear!

    Nutrition Foundations is our gift to humanity  (me and God) and it is only possible with God’s help along the way.

    He has helped me discern the truth, from the endless amount of propaganda that allows the enemy to continue to steal, kill, and destroy your health and freedom!   I’ll show you how to heal using God’s foods as the foundation, and the natural herbs He has given us if needed.   You Can Heal!!!

    We want you well so you can shine YOUR light!

    Matthew 5:16