Step by Step Building Blocks to Restore Your Health

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Nutrition Foundations Program

The Best Of Tracy Konoske!

It's a comprehensive bundle of truths about how to heal naturally, once and for all using food-as-medicine as the foundation of healing... with support and guidance along the way.


I've combined 20 years of my studies in the nutrition and health field, and have sorted out the clinical pearls which have allowed me to help hundreds and hundreds of people.
The result is a "comprehensive user manual for a healthy body".

You Too Can Heal!

Success Starts Here

Fuel your transformation, and expand your thinking

- Learn some ugly truths that are keeping you sick
- Hear from people who used food as medicine to heal
- Get resources on board for your success
- How to lose, or gain, weight on your new diet
- What to eat and what not to eat for the fastest recovery possible
- Answering your questions about carbohydrates, protein, and fat for ideal long-term health

        Root Causes of Illness

        Learn about root causes that initiated your health conditions. And understand the triggers that keep you in a perpetual state of illness.

        - Pathogens, including but not limited to, Epstein Barr Virus, Shingles, HPV, the HSV family of viruses….and bacteria like strep, bartonella, babesia, H Pylori, and E coli. Let’s not forget about Candida Albicans right?!
        - Toxins – common, and not-so-common, compounds that feed the disease process and burden your body beyond capacity

          Triggers that keep you suffering

          Learn what is perpetuating your chronic and mystery health conditions. Identify where you need to take action. Incorporate long-term, effective, sustainable action steps and strategies so you have Health For Life.

          - Stress
          - Nutrient Deficiencies
          - EMF’s
          - Mold
          - Toxin Exposures
          - Immune Insufficiencies

                Food – The Foundation of Healing

                Identify and harness the life changing super foods, most of which can be found at any supermarket, so that you can have health for life.

                Check out the “What To Eat” and “What Not To Eat” lessons!

                - Understand the mistakes you are making with fat and protein intake
                - Learn what fuels insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease
                - Get real-life tips to finance your new lifestyle
                - Quick start your healing with a suggested morning routine

                  Holistic Health – Understanding Your Body and Its Systems

                  Learn more about each of your body systems. With a deeper understanding, you can target areas that need attention. Implement the action steps and start healing!

                  - Liver Health
                  -Immune System
                  - Gut Health
                  - Neurological Health
                  - Reproductive Health
                  - Adrenal Health

                        Supplements and Herbs

                        There are thousands – maybe millions – of claims that various supplements are the magic wand. It often leaves you overwhelmed and confused. Do you need these? Will you heal without them? Why are they always so expensive? What brand? What dose? The information in this module is designed to help you make the best decisions about supplements and herbs, so you can leave the confusion behind.

                        - Foundational Supplements
                        - What to avoid


                          Includes 100's of plant-based, whole foods and nutrient dense. These are EASY to make and do NOT require fancy ingredients. It's the food Johny and I eat. And I am certain you will find recipes your family will love too!

                          Group Support & Coaching Calls

                          The missing piece in too many online programs is lack of support and lack of accountability.  Nutrition Foundations Program has you covered.  Group support and Coaching calls are with yours truly.  Connect with an instant community of people on a similar path.  Learn shortcuts and get the support you need.

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                            I got you!

                            No. But you are going to learn about the healing power of fruits, veggies, and leafy greens in general. And you'll be learning about some specific super hero's in the produce aisle. Diet is the foundation of this program so you will want to be open minded. If what you were doing was working, you wouldn't be here right?!
                            Accordion Sample Description

                            I’ve been in your shoes. A couple of times actually. I was born sick and left the hospital on Phenobarbital. I had decent health as a child, but struggled with sore throats and mild weight issues. When I was 24 years old, I was rear-ended while stopped on the freeway. It triggered what I now know was my first episode of Epstein Barr Virus and a case of mono. Since no blood was shed in the accident, no labs were drawn but boy I was T.I.R.E.D!!! I was left to heal on my own, and it was this event that led me to a 2nd bachelors, and my masters in Nutrition. I studied, healed, and learned the value of a nutrient dense diet and natural medicine therapies!

                            Stress, and an accumulation of toxins over the years, was a trigger for another round of EBV and a Lyme diagnosis in 2015. I began the healing journey again. During this time, I was rear ended again which extended my healing time but added even more to my knowledge base. I was selected to participate in Anthony Williams Practitioner Support Program in July 2016, and my learning increased exponentially. I have incorporated his material into protocols and help people prioritize the plethora of information he has added to the conversation.

                            Today, I feel great. I feel bulletproof. Like superwoman a lot of days.

                            I wouldn’t wish this journey on anyone, but I am SO thankful for all I have learned along the way. And it is my life’s purpose to share it with you so you too can feel like superwoman again! Oh, and I am a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist – with a master’s degree and a lot of life experience! For 20 years now, I have been helping people heal using my unique combination of training in a whole foods, plant based diet, supplements, herbs, lifestyle changes, detoxification therapies, and mind/body techniques.

                                Once a month group call
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                                  Twice a month group call
                                  40% Discount on 1:1
                                  Specialty Training Each Month

                                  $99 Month / Month to Month Contract.
                                  Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

                                    From my heart...

                                    Luke 18:27  The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God.   I picked this verse and had a talk with God.  If He - the Creator of all things and CEO of my business - wanted me to offer group classes so that I could help more people heal, I would hear this verse and my spirit would recognize it was a sign from Him.   The next morning, the verse was in my newsfeed via a site called "I'm So Blessed".    Nutrition Foundations is the end result and my gift to the world.  God wants you well so that you can share YOUR gift to the world. 

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