You CAN Heal! 

Just because you've been from doctor to doctor does not mean you need to suffer forever.

Just because your doctor doesn't know the cure, doesn't mean there isn't one.  

Learning what causes disease, and how to address root causes, will set you free.  

·       Brain fog

·       Fatigue

·       Nerve spasms, muscle spasms

·       Twitches – is the nerves

·       Tics

·       Tremors

·       Dizzy and vertigo

·       Pains in the neck

·       Ringing in ears (tinnitus)

·       Buzzing, humming

·       Hands and feet feel cold

·       Trouble swallowing

·       Neuropathy

·       Forgetfulness

·       Words misplaced

·       Tingles & numbness – hands & feet or other parts of the body

·       Neurological fatigue (legs feel like you can’t walk)

·       You can feel food passing through the digestive tract

·       Fluttering heart

·       Trouble swallowing

·       You struggle to take a deep breath

·       Aches and pains, cant exercise, everything hurts

·       Chemical sensitivities

·       Thinking about one word but a different one comes out

·       Feeling baffled/confused without a good reason

·       Rattled very easy

·       Easily startled

·       Brain fog

·       Easily disoriented

Life on earth can be hard & confusing. 

We get a lot of mixed messages about what is best to eat.  And even if we know what’s best, it’s hard to get anti-oxidant rich, well balanced meals at every turn.   Food is fake, just like a lot of news these days.  Diet is a major player in our health.  And some of us are still paying for choices we made in our younger years.  Food is either medicine, or slow poison. 

We are exposed to 80 thousand chemicals.  They are in our personal care products, our drinking water, the air, on our food, and injected in to us.  Before we even left the womb, we were exposed to toxins in utero.  Toxins – as in heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, parabens, phthalates, BPA – are ubiquitous in our environment and most are persistent meaning they’ll be with us a long time!

Antibiotics have been a mixed blessing; they have saved millions of lives but at the same time, have allowed bacteria to strengthen (hello super bugs!).   Antibiotics allow virus’s to flourish. They alter our microbiome and allow opportunistic yeast and fungi to thrive.   Pathogens are a major player in neurological diseases, and yet because our testing can’t keep up with their “stealth-i-ness” and they also mutate, they are not addressed.  

And stress is at an all time high as we all struggle to get enough done in our 24 hours a day.  Adrenaline is great if we need to run away from a bear or a purse snatcher.  But chronic stress  negatively affects every single organ system.  And adrenaline is a pathogens favorite food so some of us have provided a buffet for the little buggers. 

Often times, poor health is “simmering” on the back burner.  But then we are exposed to a trigger or triggers and life has never been the same.  Things like mold.  Or going through a divorce or bankruptcy.  We lose a loved one.  We don’t get enough sleep for some reason.  We were in a car wreck or had a surgery. 

Whatever the reason – or reasons – health declines and most go through a lot of laboratory work and doctor visits.  You may or may not have come away with some official diagnosis.

But what you likely didn’t come away with was What To Do!!!  No one taught you how to unwind the disease process. 

My group program is designed to support you in making diet, lifestyle changes…..address underlying stealth pathogens… the stress response of adrenals with herbs & nutrition

• MS
• Lyme
• Parkinsons
• Guillain Barre
• Bells palsy
• Chronic pain / sciatica
• Complex regional pain syndrome
• Neuropathy
• CMV, EBV, HSV 6,
• Essential tremor
• Fibromyalgia
• Generalized anxiety disorder
• Depression
• Huntingtons
• Non verbal learning disorder
• ? shingles