My Lyme Recovery Protocol

I wrote in my last post that I was back from my sabbatical.  2015 was largely a year of not feeling optimal and I did a lot of labs looking for answers.  When one of the diagnosis was Lyme, I knew it was time for a little health overhaul myself.  

As a side comment, I mentioned I changed my diet (bye bye Paleo).  In the blog comments, not only were there sweet replies wishing me well and that I was missed (thanks to those who replied!), a few of you were intrigued about the diet changes. 

I get it.  When a holistic nutritionist changes her diet, WHAT does she eat right???!!!

I had every intention of talking about it.  I love to talk about food.  

It’s the strongest medicine on earth….or the slowest form of poison right? 

But each time I log in to work on the post, I find myself with writers block.  Or writing, then erasing it all.

I think what I am struggling with is that there are a lot of pieces to my recovery. Yes, I changed my diet.  But it’s more than that.  My IFM medical training stresses that 4 things contribute to ANY health condition.  I work through those with my patients. 

So in order to heal, I had to swallow my own medicine. 


  • I had to address toxins and detoxification. 
  • I had to address pathogens – bacteria and viruses.
  • I had to address stress and if/how I manage it. 
  • And I had to address diet. I thought we ate well.  But we’re all different and maybe Paleo just wasn’t right for me. 


In case I’m not being clear, my recovery was not just a change in diet. 

And that’s where the writers block came in.

In all fairness, I have to give credit to all of the things I did. 

Diet is so incredible, but if you don’t also support the bodies ability to detoxify, then you become a garbage truck. 

If you don’t also address pathogens, they continue to thrive and do their damage to organs. 

If you don’t also address stress, you continue to pump out adrenaline and cortisol which have their own ramifications.  

It takes all 4 to create dis-ease. 

And it takes addressing all 4 to heal, not just manage symptoms.

As this week’s side note, I’ve come away with a whole new awareness about labels  – Lyme, Mold, Chronic Fatigue, ADD, Cancer, Auto Immune disease, Fibromyalgia, or seasonal allergies….it doesn’t matter what the label is.  All that time, money, and energy is really wasted.  It makes us feel better since it validates we are sick right?   But getting labels also poisons our mind and our immune system.  Our subconscious is listening and every time we let the label win (“I have XYZ condition”), we are sending a message to our cells that we are powerless.   And we’re not!  So if you are in the rat maze of testing and looking for “the answer”, I’d encourage you to bypass that whole process and dive into the cures, not the labels.  

Now, about my diet.   In my paleo diet world, we ate a lot of animal products.  And fat.  Olive and coconut oil but also animal fat.  You know we raise our own grass fed beef.  Each year, I’d buy an organic hog or two.  We ate chicken.  We have laying hens for farm fresh eggs that are truly free range.  Lots of organic produce too.  I’ve heard more than my share of lectures that this is a healthy way to go.  How many times have I heard Dr. David Perlmutter talk about how our brains need fat?  How many times have I heard Dr. Mark Hyman say “Eat Fat, Get Thin”?   

So – drum roll please – I gave up the paleo lifestyle for a mostly raw vegan diet.    Gone are the days of animal foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I ate – and eat – lots and lots of fresh produce. Mostly raw.  I ate specific foods that have medicinal properties.  I juice.  And make smoothies but I don’t put fat in them anymore.  And I don’t eat fruit if I am having meat.  All of this to make digestion easy, since raw foods have their own supply of digestive enzymes and are easily to assimilate.  I found new recipes.    And made lots and lots of trips to the market!

Diet *is* critical.  I couldn’t have healed without changing my diet.  But it isn’t just diet.  I worked on a million other things too.  I took herbal supplements.  I brewed herbal teas.  I sat in the far infrared sauna.  I prayed.  I journaled.  I slept.  I sat on the beach.  I planted my garden on sunny days.  I watched sunsets.  I hung out with the chickens, and took Buddy for walks.  I cleaned closets which must be helpful too right?!  It sure felt good. 

I leaned on God and asked Him to reveal the truth’s I needed. And He’s left me SO many breadcrumbs about my path.  I’m convinced that it’s now my duty & obligation to teach what I learned in a group class.  I bet many of you reading this right now could use a health overhaul yourself.    It’s coming.  Stay tuned for early 2017. 

And just so you know, I still work on my health, and probably always will.   In honor of my big “aha” moment that we need to daily work on supporting detox, manage stress, biotransform and eliminate heavy metals, and stay on top of pathogens, this is a life long process.  I won’t be letting life get away from me again, resulting in another one of those wasted years. 


I want to end this post with two things:

  1.  Diet matters.  Absolutely. But if you are sick, you need to address all 4 elements of dis-ease.  Find a functionally trained provider in your area, or hire me for an Ask Tracy session
  2. If you are healthy, God Bless.  But it’s an active process to stay that way.  You need to eat well, but you also need to make sure you are addressing your systems that support detoxification, monitoring for stealth bacteria and virus’s, and managing stress.   The world is so full of toxins, and is so busy, that I’m afraid many of us are just a stone’s throw away from the experience I had. 

In closing, I wish you the best.  And I’m here for you if you need help with drilling down on one or more areas.  

If you are struggling with any of the conditions below, do a few Ask Tracy sessions.  We will very quickly put YOUR treatment plan in place.  God brought me the information I needed to heal myself, but I know He doesn’t want me to be selfish about it.   We will get you feeling better than you have in years, in weeks.  Seriously. 

  • Lyme Disease
  • History of Epstein Barr (mono, tonsillitis)
  • History of shingles (personal or family)
  • Thyroid dysfunction (hypo, hyper, hashimoto’s, graves)
  • Neurological inflammation (vertigo, dizziness, tingling, numbness, sciatica, migraines…)
  • Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Auto Immune disease (of any kind)
  • Weak Digestion / IBS / Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth / Reflux
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Pre-Diabetes or type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol, hypertension
  • Urinary tract issues (infections, pain, urgency..)
  • Weight Gain
  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Genetic SNP”s (MTHFR, COMT….) / slow detoxification


<3, God Bless,


If you are frustrated or feeling hopeless about your health, and you can’t continue like this, learn how to take charge of your body, and ultimately the quality of your life. Learn the foundations of health so that you can do the things that are important to you! Even if it feels like you’ve tried everything, or made things, worse, the good news is that your body CAN heal if you do the right things (and stop doing the things that are holding you back)! I will guide you and lead you along the healing path so that you can feel like YOU again! Learn more about the NUTRITION FOUNDATIONS PROGRAM.

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