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    DIY Mineral Rich Vegetable Broth

    I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are “natural flavors” in most everything these days and they are far from natural!!! Even plain non-dairy milks have natural flavors (for what reason?!). And most all vegetable broths have natural flavors.

    This DIY, mineral-rich, vegetable broth is CLEAN and not tainted by natural flavors (hidden source of glutamic acid which is MSG), or any other less-than-ideal ingredients.   I’m talking to you high fructose corn syrup!

    Making mineral rich vegetable broth is pretty simple.  The minerals are in the food.  Your job is to release them!

    Cut and chop your ingredients.  Put in a large soup pot.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and cover.  Set a timer for one hour and go about your business.

    Then, strain through a colander or strainer and store and freeze in quart jars. You can also freeze in ice cube trays so you can easily use small amounts as needed!

    This mineral-rich veggie broth is SO flavorful, and those minerals will restore minerals to your bones and teeth.

    If you ever feel a flu coming on, get the pot on the stove and get after it.  Add a few extra cloves of garlic and let food be your medicine!

    I’ve been known to make broth just to drink it.  No soup required.  Just mineral rich healing vegetable broth. But I also make a single or double batch and freeze it. I’ll use my own broth in soups, rather than the store bought version, because I don’t care for the flavor of the store bought stuff. And if you caught what I just said, I sometimes drink the broth just because it tastes good!!!

    It’s a great base for any of these soups:

    Dairy Free Potato Leek Soup

    Ginger Carrot Soup

    Non Dairy Cream of Broccoli Soup (asparagus works too!)


    • 1 sweet potato or 4 carrots.  I like mine peeled especially if they are a little old and can get bitter
    • 2 onions.  I use Maui sweet onions.
    • 1 bunch of organic celery (it’s a highly sprayed crop). I use extra celery because we love that extra “salty” flavor that celery provides. 
    • 1 cup of parsley
    • I love cilantro so I add it too!
    • 1 cup dried shitake mushrooms (check Costco in the fall)
    • 1 cup of organic sun dried tomatoes (I use Bella Viva)
    • 1 bunch of garlic, thinly sliced
    • 1″ fresh ginger
    • 1″ fresh turmeric root
    • A stick of kombu or a handful of dulse for a bit of a salty flavor plus iodine for your thyroid
    • 8 cups of Berkey filtered water (or whatever water filter you use!)
    • If you’d like to add thyme, rosemary, or any other fresh or dried herb, go for it!


    1.  Roughly chop and cut your ingredients.  Don’t throw whole sweet potatoes or carrots in.  You want those precious minerals to be able to get out!

    2.  Add the filtered water and ingredients to a large soup pot.  Hopefully its a quality stainless steel so you aren’t cooking in anything that releases metals into your food.

    3.  Bring it to a boil.  Then, reduce heat to a simmer and cover.  Set a timer for one hour.

    4. At 1 hour, turn off the heat but keep covered.  Let it cool naturally if you have time.

    5. Strain and discard the veggies.  They’ve given up their life force and nutrients.   Our dog loved the sweet potatoes if you can separate easily enough.

    6.  Store for a week, or freeze in wide mouth quart jars.  Be sure to leave 1″ headspace in your jar if you are freezing so the jars don’t break as the broth expands.  Been there done that!

    Adapted slightly from the Healing Broth on Anthony Williams Site

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