Conquering Migraine Headaches, IBS, and Joint Pain!

LEAP/MRT helped my migraine headaches, my IBS, and my joint pain!!

I suffered from terrible migraine headaches that lasted for days, before LEAP (Lifestyle Eating and Performance) and Mediator Release Testing.   They were getting worse and were coming twice a week now.  I was starting to have bouts of actual vision loss… and my old remedies weren’t working.  The vision loss continued even after the headache had left.  I was scared, and wondered just how severe these would get.  I’m only 44  I thought!  They were interfering with my daily life big time, to say the least.

I was on my last straw having just spent nearly $400 on an ER visit at the local hospital because of a migraine headache, when a nutritionist Tracy Konoske asked me about doing the LEAP test.  Not only did I have migraines, but I lived with joint pain and an irritable bowel.  I got hives for no reason at all.  This made me a perfect candidate she said.

I agreed and much to my surprise, my results showed that seemingly healthy foods I was eating every day were reactive.  Even ‘benign’ things like soy, lettuce and chicken were “red” – a level at which the LEAP-MRT test states that I should stay away from.  My stand-by pain medicine was yellow reactive.  Talk about adding fuel to the fire!

Then Tracy customized a diet for me that took into consideration my likes and dislikes, lifestyle and other known triggers.  She also educated me about nightshades because of my joint pain, and about aged foods, like gorgonzola cheeses, because of a chemical to which I am sensitive.  Along the way, we realized that I probably have a histamine intolerance too.  I would develop severe hives at the release of histamine which was very itchy and painful.  No wonder I couldn’t figure this all out on my own over the years.  Tracy had a lot of resources and ideas for me, way beyond just avoiding the yellow and red reactive foods.

I’m thrilled to say that Tracy Konoske and MRT have changed my life!  I haven’t had a migraine since starting LEAP.  A huge bonus is that my IBS and hives are gone!  My sleep is now sound and restful and I never even knew how disrupted it was.  My joint pain is so minimal that a bad day now was a  “usual” day in my old life.

I have become so inspired – I think because I don’t have to deal with the hives, pain, and bloating- that I have enrolled in a  Master’s Degree program, and am really looking forward to the study.  This is a goal that was incomprehensible to me before now, because I never knew when a blinding headache would strike.

It isn’t easy to change your whole food intake, but the benefits are way worth it.  I used to eat ‘healthy’ Kashi Go Lean cereal or yogurt for breakfast.  I always had a salad for lunch.  I can’t tell you how much cottage cheese (with polysorbate 80 in it) I’ve eaten in my lifetime.  And although those foods may be “good” and “wholesome,” they weren’t for me. So, I am finding new safe foods!

Changing ones diet takes time, thought, and planning.  I highly recommend Tracy and Mediator Release Testing for anyone who has struggled the way I have.  It’s the best money I’ve spent in years after an awful lot of doctor appointments, acupuncture treatments, herbs, massages, etc.      With Tracy’s help, and MRT’s rock solid identification of trigger foods, I am pain free!
Christen,  age 44 but feeling like I’m 29 again!

Update from Christen
“Just one year ago I started the LEAP protocol after Mediator Release Testing.  I am happy to report I have only had 4, count them 1,2,3,4!!! migraine headaches in that time!   Before LEAP I would have two, sometimes three, migraines per week.  The really great news is I can specifically identify the trigger that caused each of those 4 migraines.  A couple were known choices – testing the system if you know what I mean.  The others were mistakes early on and I know better how to read labels and ask questions in restaurants as a result.  You’ll be pleased to know I have enrolled in Grad School and I love it!

I continue to avoid nightshades and my red and yellow reactive foods.  Some days, I am tempted by something that I know better than to eat, but all I have to do is think about having a headache and the temptation goes away.  My IBS is still non-existant when I avoid triggers, as is my joint pain.

Thanks to Tracy for improving my life, more than she will ever know!

~ Christen (still feeling 29 but now 45)

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