Migraine Relief!

I needed help with my migraines, among other things!

I  used to get 3 to 5 migraines a month and suffer from osteoporosis. Since working with Tracy, I now understand the impact my food choices were having on my health.  Through testing and tracking what I eat, I can now identify the food triggers.  I still occasionally try to test the line, eating foods I know I shouldn’t, but quickly realize how much better I feel when I stay the course.

Emotionally, it’s still difficult watching others eat foods I love, like tomatoes and chocolate, but I constantly remind myself how much better I feel. Since starting this program, I rarely get headaches, my knee and joint point is significantly reduced, I have fewer stomach problems and am better able to fight off whatever bug is traveling around the office.

Working with Tracy has been great! I appreciate that she comes from a place of understanding in that she has also experienced some of the same issues. I trust her training and solid understanding of nutrition.  I still struggle with this program, but am quick to recommend Tracy and MRT to anyone with these issues!

-Rosa Barone 1/2013

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