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I had to send my work PC off to have some warranty work done.  That would normally be a HUGE issue, involving moving all of my data to a temporary device, and backing up everything, etc.  And as a virtual nutritionist, I’d probably be panicking, since my livelihood involves a computer. 

But this time it was different.  Why?

  1. My business owns 2 (good) computers.  A PC which stays in my office 100% of the time.  And a Mac Book Air that is light weight for travel, but still runs the Microsoft Office software so I can work away from the office as needed.   
  2. A few years ago, I bought the $99/year subscription to Drop Box.
  3. I put all of my non-HIPAA work files “in the Drop Box cloud”.  It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 
    • I can access my files from my office PC, close up shop for the night, log in with my Mac in the living room while Johny watches the news, and pick right up where I left off.  The data is always current, no matter which one I log in on.  
  4. Since I use my Mac so frequently for work out of the office, it was already set up with the software, and sites I use most. 

So this time – a first for me – when Hewlett Packard said I needed to return it so they could work on my 110V port, I didn’t freak out.   I knew my Mac was already loaded with the files I used most.   I backed up the HP PC and sent it off.

Having a PC and a Mac both has actually been great.  There are things that I still love about a PC – like taking screen shots is a super easy and fast 2 step process.  And moving files around is easier than on a Mac which doesn’t allow cut/paste as easily.  But since I have an iPhone, having a Mac has benefits too.  For $1/month, my iPhone photo’s are in iCloud and there’s zero % chance that I’ll lose them if I drop my phone or it goes for a swim.  And of course my iPhone talks nicely to my Mac so iTunes is a breeze.  I use iTunes *a lot*.  As much for lectures on the go as it is for music. 

I realize that if you are new in business, owning 2 highly functioning computers might be a ways off.  But if you are solidly established in business, then maybe you already have more than one device as well. 

And maybe you aren’t interested in owning 2 software systems so perhaps you want to have 2 PC’s…..or 2 Macs.  I get it.  When I bought the Mac, I actually was planning to work my way away from PC’s.  And maybe I still will.  But in the meantime, being a PC and Mac owner has really worked out! 

The point of this post though, was to be sure that you have a SYSTEM for your data.  Whether it’s Drop Box and you always have access to your data if your computer fails.  Or perhaps you want to have a subscription to Carbonite, so it backs up your data for you.

Whatever the case may be, computers DO fail.  So this is your nudge to have some kind of system in place and avoid the stress & heartache of lost data. 

Planning your 2017 Work Smarter Not Harder class,





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