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Tracy gets asked a lot about how she became a successful, virtual, functional medicine nutritionist.  She is no longer able to do any pro-bono sessions but as a result of the growing demand and inquiries, she is now collaborating with the same business coach who helped her launch her virtual practice… that they can help YOU do the same!

A business coach can help you define who YOU are and who YOU can help.  Margie is an RD with an MBA and has a proven track record in launching successful careers. Tracy wouldn’t be where she is, or who she is, without Margie’s help a few years back.

As a “different kind of dietitian”, Tracy can introduce you to the world of functional medicine and its principles, assist with resources and need-to-know information, labs and tests and when each is indicated….she can guide you on which pharmaceutical grade supplements have worked best in her clinical experience… well as tips on interpreting standard blood work with a more critical eye.

You can do this all from the comfort of your home, without travel expenses and hefty registration fees.

This class is designed for those who are already licensed health care professionals and wish to advance their knowledge base.  Tracy and Margie are both RD’s with their own advanced training and have several years of experience behind their belt(s).

This class does not and would not replace an MBA nor would it replace trainings provided by the Institute for Functional Medicine.  It WOULD give you plenty of skills and resources to incorporate into your practice and is designed for those who wish to grow their business and do it with a functional medicine slant.

If you would like to know more about:
1.  How to get a virtual business up and running successfully (or a physical business, or combination of both)
2.  How to “be a different kind of dietitian” or a “different kind of xyz health care provider” as you learn and integrate the basic principles of Functional Medicine then this class if for you!

Please provide the information below and submit.  You aren’t obligated to anything at this point but you WILL be notified when the course details are ready and you can then decide if it’s right for you!

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