Love Your Liver Juice

 Happy Valentines Day! 

This year, I hope to encourage you to love yourself a little differently than years past.  Instead of adding fuel to an already brewing inflammatory fire with dairy, chocolate, and wine…. why not love yourself a healthier way?!  

I wrote an article “7 Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Liver” but truth be told, it could have been “100 Reasons You Should Take Care of Your Liver”. 

The state of our liver directly affects the state of our entire being.  If our liver is sluggish and congested, it directly affects blood pressure, cholesterol, skin integrity including but not limited to those deep cracks you might get on your hands and feet, dark circles under your eyes, energy, immune function, weight management (ahem), seasonal allergies, the “liver spots” we get in the sun, and more. 

Our livers process every single thing that we eat, drink, breath in, put on our skin, and inject.  Including medications as an item we “eat”. 

When is the last time you smelled paint?  Perfume?  New carpet?  Mold?  ALL of those end up in the liver which is our filter.  Our livers either process and excrete it, or if that’s not an option, store it until we can do some detox work. 

Are you picking up what I’m laying down???  I hope so.  Livers are a big deal. 

So today I have a very simple green juice for you.  If you want to lose weight, drink 16 oz of this juice every day.  I’m not saying you’ll lose 10# in a week, because that just isn’t so.  But this drink in particular is known for cleansing the liver, which allows it to do some house cleaning and get rid of some excess garbage/fat lurking around. 

Start Healing Now…It’s never too late.  Our bodies have a remarkable healing ability, if we just give it the right food.  Literally. 


1 cup parsley
1 English cucumber
10 stalks celery
1 – 2” fresh ginger


1. Add all ingredients to juicer, juice and enjoy.


*Tip: juice a large piece of ginger and freeze it in ice cube trays. Remove to a container and easily add ginger juice to water or fresh juice!

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