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    Heal Your Liver!

    Yes, you heard that right.

    Your liver has 1000’s of chemical functions. It plays a significant role in digestion, skin health, metabolism, brain health, energy production and more.  

    When I do one-on-one work with my patients, addressing the liver is the FIRST thing we do.  

    If you’ve been confused about what happened to your health, are tired of no answers from the medical industry, you are worried you are on a downhill slope KEEP READING

    Important Roles of Your Liver

    1. Your liver produces bile to break down the fat you eat. Plant fats and animal fats both require bile. Think of how you use dish soap to clean greasy dishes. The more grease, the more soap you need. The more fat you eat, the more bile you need. In our high-fat diets of today, livers are busy! And when you eat fat, all the other jobs of the liver pretty much shut down since breaking down fat is a priority. 

    2. It’s your livers job to filter and clean your blood of pathogen debris, poor diet choices, toxins, pesticides, herbicides, natural flavors, MSG, artificial colors, chemicals, etc so that when your blood goes to your heart and brain, it’s clean. If your liver is busy breaking down your high fat diet, you are literally experiencing “dirty blood”. 

    3. Your liver also processes and stores nutrients — like glucose, amino acids, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, and even a bit of hydration — for a day when your intake isn’t optimal.  

    4. Additionally, your liver manufactures proteins for use in your body. If you didn’t know it, you are a big bundle of protien. Excluding water and fat, your body is made up almost entirely of protein! But, just because you eat “protein” doesn’t mean that steak just turns into muscle without any conversion. Your liver processes the food you eat, performing a chemical function, and then it can be used as protein in the body. It’s a concept that isn’t well understood in the general public. A healthy liver is essential to building muscle, growing healthy hair and nails, and creating radiant skin.

    5. Your liver plays the largest role in this thing we call “metabolism”. If you feel like or have been told that you have a slow metabolism, look to your liver. (Yes, your thyroid plays a role. So do your adrenal glands. But your liver is the biggest player of the three.) Want to change your physique? Start with the liver. 

    6. Your liver breaks down old or damaged red blood cells so they can be eliminated. Without this, jaundice occurs.

    These are just a FEW examples of the thousands of tasks your liver is responsible for.


    Your liver plays a critical role in your overall health 

    When liver function is compromised, expect health conditions to arise.

    Your liver can get overwhelmed, just like you…

    When your liver has too much coming at it, it’s like that episode of “I Love Lucy” when she gets overwhelmed with the conveyor belt of chocolates coming at her too fast…. so she starts stuffing the chocolates in her mouth, and in her pockets…

    You know what? Your liver does that too.

    Your liver has to filter and process EVERY bite your eat and EVERY drop your drink.

    OMG. Can you imagine?! 😬

    Everything we ingest orally ….food and beverage plus all the chemicals in and on our food, supplements, OTC products, and prescriptions….it all passes from the GI tract –> through the portal vein – -> to the liver.

    EX: That meal you just ate is digested in the GI tract and broken down into glucose, amino acids, and free fatty acids. It’s all transported via the hepatic portal vein to the liver. The liver then proceeds with its chemical functions and turns those broken down proteins and fats into substrates your body can use.

    Your liver even has to process what your put on your skin, since 60% of topical substances are absorbed.

    And, your liver has to process anything that gets into the bloodstream via other routes too. Things like immunizations plus everything that we breathe since the lungs have a blood supply, and that blood makes its way back to the liver.

    Your liver works HARD for you sorting out the good from the bad!

    ✅ If what you ate or drank is helpful, your liver ameds it and it is sent out to in the bloodstream to your cells.

    🔶 If what you ate contained items that should be eliminated, your liver will do this for you if it has the capacity.

    ❌ But if your liver doesn’t have the capacity, it has to store all of those harmful substances until a rainy day comes along and they can be processed for final elimination. When was the last time you gave your liver a “rainy day” so it could catch up on processing chores?

    As the days turn into years, and there aren’t enough rainy day to catch up on chores, the liver gets filled up with an excess of chemicals, toxins, pathogen debris, amino acids/protein, fatty acids …..

    Eventually, the “liver closets” expand and when capacity is reached, things that should be contained in the liver because they are dangerous spill over into the bloodstream and start causing problems.

    Here’s a small list of some of the health conditions that can arise when a liver is weakened:

    ⚠️ Blood isn’t filtered before going to the heart and brain. #brainfog 

    ⚠️ Nutrients aren’t stored for backup. #nutrientdeficiencies

    ⚠️ Blood sugar issues occur #hypoglycemia #pre-diabetes #type 2 diabetes

    ⚠️ Hair, skin, nails, and muscles all suffer when the liver can’t modify your food for use in the body. #dull

    ⚠️ Pathogens in the GI tract overgrow, because the liver can’t keep up with quality bile production. Bile is anti-microbial. #SIBO #IBS

    ⚠️ Fatigue develops as cells starve for proper nutrition and the liver can’t or isn’t able to do its chemical processing.

    ⚠️ Brain fog sets in as dirty improperly filtered blood makes its way to the brain.

    ⚠️ Varicose veins appear as thick blood can’t make its way back to the heart. #sigh

    ⚠️ Blood clots and edema can manifest since the liver plays a role in fluid balance. 

    ⚠️ Heart disease is diagnosed when fats spill out of the liver closets, into the bloodstream. #heartdisease

    ⚠️ High blood pressure develops when the heart has to work harder to pull thick blood up from the liver.

    ⚠️ Hot flashes and hormonal imbalances express, since the liver processes these and preps them for elimination.

    ⚠️ Weight gain occurs because the liver filter slows down to a standstill (remember Lucy?!).

    ⚠️ Skin issues erupt, since it’s the largest organ of detoxification and the liver must unload some toxins.

    ⚠️ Methylation issues are identified, since methylation largely occurs in the liver.

    ⚠️ Food intolerances develop (histamine intolerance, lectin intolerance, FODMAP intolerance, etc) 

    💩 Food literally rots and ferments in the gut and it can manifest as bad breath, bloating, constipation, reflux, flatulence… and more.





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