Life Saving Help For Celiac And IBS!

Tracy saved my life!

I began suffering from the effects of Celiac disease 18 years ago.  I had low thyroid, exhaustion, brain fog, anemia, bone loss, and weight gain   My symptoms increased over time and became acute 3 years ago.  My gut became very painful and I had alternating diarrhea and constipation.  My weight ballooned.  Depression and fatigue were chronic, despite medication.  I saw several specialists and was diagnosed with IBS.  I became more ill and could not function, lying in bed for weeks at a time.  I began to exhibit symptoms that were Fibromyalgia-like.  My balance and coordination were deteriorating.  My PCP referred me to Mayo Clinic and they rejected me, saying they could do nothing more for me than had already been done (under the IBS diagnosis).  Soon after, a friend of mine met Tracy, talked to her about her practice, and called me immediately!

Tracy and I began working together and on our first visit she recognized the seemingly unrelated symptoms and advised I do a Celiac Panel.  All my markers were positive, I had the genes, and a biopsy confirmed the disease as well and established a baseline for how much tissue damage there was.  Tracy helped me navigate my life-change, encouraged me, prayed for me, tested me for an array of nutritional deficiencies and created me my own nutritional healing regimen unique to me.  Tracy literally saved my life!  She worked so hard to help me figure out my various symptoms and to ease my discomfort. Within 3 months my symptom survey showed a 50% decrease.  My gut is healing, I am in much less muscular and bone pain, I have been able to exercise again, to have hope, to be joy-filled.  Tracy was a God-send for me!

~Leigh Gose  5/2013

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