Less Migraines, Less Acid Reflux, More Energy, Weight Loss And Sleep!

Hello,  My name is Louanne and I met Tracy about nine months ago for my Getting Started session with her.  What a life changing call that has been for me!  I have suffered with debilitating migraines since I was a teenager, trying every treatment there was except Botox. Yes they said that might work!  Anyway, Relpax and Imitrix have been wonderful when I get a migraine to help with the pain and sometimes reduce the length, but nothing had helped prevent them until I did the Mediator Release Test for food sensitivities and did the program Tracy outlined for me. Other symptoms I had were weight gain over 10+ years and acid reflux.    The acid reflux was eliminated immediately after starting the program and very shortly after I noticed a difference in the frequency of my migraines.  Yeah!!!! Now , would this keep working or just be temporary??  Yes- it is months and months later and as long as I follow the program  I feel wonderful!  I just kept feeling better and better overall and the extra bonus has been a 55 pound weight loss so far!   It just keeps slowly melting away.  Before I could not even lose 1 pound.  I do not want to say that I never have a bad day and I do still get migraines once in a while, but overall this has changed my life.  The program itself was easy for me except one of my sensitivities is watermelon…and I love watermelon…but I have made it this long just looking at it!   It is a lifestyle change, not a “diet” so to speak, and if you are ready for a change for the better I would highly recommend this program.  Tracy is Professional in every way, yet able to relate and understand on your level,  which makes her so easy to work with.  I would be glad to answer any questions or talk with anyone about my experience and continued success!    Thank You Tracy!

– Louanne 1/2013)

(Tracy’s note – I have one more session with Louanne but when we talked last, she also reported that her joint pain “was so much better”, she is “way more active”, she is usually sleeping better.  She said “I’m amazed.  I love it!”  I will clarify with her at our next session but have understood that she is migraine free if she avoids her triggers and stays hydrated – she learned the latter this past summer.)

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