How to treat low testosterone

Today, we are talking about testosterone…specifically low testosterone…and how to naturally and safely raise it.

Are diet changes helpful for low testosterone?

Yes!  Diet is a game-changer (which is always true!).

Eating MORE – significantly more – fruits & veggies….& less (or no!) animal products is the foundation.

What not to eat?  No dairy…no eggs…and 100% plant-based would be ideal (meaning no animal products at all). If that isn’t acceptable, wild salmon would be okay a couple nights a week (def not farm-raised salmon though as it’s loaded with toxins including PCB’s. You can read up the findings of the Environmental Working Group here ).​

(Even) grass fed beef is loaded w toxins like barium, because toxins get in to the air streams and fall out of the sky. These toxins “bio-accumulate” or “concentrate” in animals. Our world is not-so-clean anymore, and eating organic or free-range is better than eating conventionally-raised animal foods, but eating fewer toxins STILL means you are eating toxins.  It’s also important to understand that almost all grass fed / pasture raised animals are still vaccinated.

Why omit animal foods to treat low testosterone?

Because when an animal is “harvested”, it is secreting a lot of adrenaline because of the fearful state it is in.

That adrenaline gets in the blood and thus the meat, since muscles have a blood supply, and then when that meat is eaten, the adrenaline transfers to us.

By the way, this is why it can “feel good” to eat meat. But there are two things going on that you may now realize:

1. We are eating the animals adrenaline, via the meat.

2. Our bodies secrete their own adrenaline when we eat fat. This is true whether it’s plant-based fat, or animal-based fat. (Plant fats are easier to break down, but on some level, fat is fat. ) And if you think that you only eat lean meat, guess again. 10% fat “lean” ground beef has 9.4 grams of fat. If you have ever weighed your food, you know that 3 oz is a very small portion size, so most people are probably eating more than this. Fat of any kind is stressful to the body. Just like fat can clog your kitchen sink drain, fat can clog your arteries, so our bodies secrete a blend of adrenaline to thin the fat so we don’t develop a clot and stroke out. Last week, I wrote an article “Dangers of Fat” which reviews 20 side-effects of eating too much fat. You might also want to read The Truth About a Ketogenic Diet.​

This adrenaline – whether its from the the animal or your own as a result of eating fat, destroys the testosterone. (Adrenaline has other deleterious effects and is harmful to both men and women.)

If a plant-based diet is in place, and yet low testosterone is still in play, then Ashwagandha can be considered to support adrenal health, since adrenals influence sex hormone health. You can open an account with Wellevate and order the Ashwagandah I use here.

In addition to a plant-based diet, a serving of pumpkin seeds a day, can also help to build testosterone. I would recommend them raw and unsalted to get the most nutrition out of them. The valuable fats in the pumpkin seeds are damaged with heat.

Stress management techniques can also utilized to keep stress hormones from surging, which destroys testosterone as we discussed.

RECAP -Diet and Lifestyle Changes

1. Plant based diet, very low in fat. Read about The Healthiest Diet here. You can track for free with www.cronometer. com

2. Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha. Take according to package directions, or as directed by your health care provider.

3. (Raw) Pumpkin seeds – one serving daily (1 oz)

4. Stress management techniques. Learn some stress solutions here.

I know it can feel overwhelming to change your diet. I can help you sort through what is true, and what isn’t if you want to invest in yourself and your future health. The last thing you want to do is have your health slowly slip away. It does not have to be your destiny!

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