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    How to Prevent Breast Cancer – Top 8 Best Practices

    We all know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Rather than wait for the stressful diagnosis, today I’m going to teach you what you can do to PREVENT breast cancer (or any cancer really).

    Make no mistake, if you take this seriously and be consistent with the recommendations, you can avoid being a statistic.   Cancer doesn’t happen overnight.  You don’t “catch” cancer like you do a cold.  A cancer diagnosis means something was brewing for a long time…as in years.  Too often, it’s a reflection of our daily lifestyle choices, and I don’t mean just our diet.

    Cancer Prevention Tips

     1.  Restore Iodine in your diet

    Iodine isn’t just for treating goiters.  Research shows that women who are deficient in iodine are at a greater risk for breast cancer.  And too many of us are deficient in this nutrient.  It’s in vogue to eat sea salt, but sea salt does not supply iodine.    As American’s, we’re also typically not eating seaweed’s like norikelp, dulse flakes or strips, or drinking bladderwrack tea.  For sure, some of us do (I do), but it’s not exactly a mainstream practice unless you live in Japan (and by the way, they DO have lower rates of breast cancer!)

    Iodine deficiency is a real problem and one that is easily solved.  Order some nascent iodine.  For nearly a century, nascent iodine has been regarded as a more effective form of the mineral than many dietary iodine forms, such as potassium iodide. In fact, most forms of dietary iodine become iodide in the digestive tract.  This is important to note, because iodides are not as easily absorbed and utilized by the body, meaning that iodine-dependent organs and processes may not be adequately supported.  When you receive your nascent iodine in the mail – and it will be in a liquid form – place the drops on your tongue for maximum absorption (talk with your health care provider about dosing for your unique situation or follow the  instructions on the label.  If you want guided help with dosing, set up an Ask Tracy Session).

    2.  Strengthen your immune system

    We all deal with cancerous cells on a daily basis.  It’s only when our immune system is worn down day after day, that we succumb to a cell going rogue on us. It’s important to:

    • Get enough restorative sleep.  Your body does the most repair if you are at least resting, or preferably sleeping, by 10 PM each night.  It is not the same in terms of healing if you sleep 1 am to 9 am.
    • Eat a diet rich in nutrient dense, whole plant foods, all the while minimizing animal foods, especially dairy and eggs which both feed pathogens.  If you can’t imagine being vegan, choose WILD salmon (not farmed), or a non-mercury white fish.
    • Snack on food sources of zinc (pumpkin seeds & sprouts for example).
    • Supplement with a high quality, bio-available form of zinc like ionic zinc.  I personally take 15 – 30 mg a day and I took higher doses when I was healing from Lyme/Epstein Barr Virus (read more about my story here).  I use the brand Good State.  Be sure it’s the ionic zinc concentrate in a 2 oz bottle.  It comes in glass and plastic which is why you’ll see the same product for two prices.  Again, follow label instructions or work with your health care practitioner.
    • Supplement with Vitamin C (Purium or Vimergy are brand options) or IV vitamin C as long as it’s not corn-derived.
    • You may also opt to replace some of your daily beverages with a mushroom-based, immune strengthening tea like Chaga or Reishi (I use Vimergy brand).

    3.  Battle against pathogens

    Pathogens are a force to be reckoned with.  They are one of the four causes of chronic disease.  For a variety of reasons, we don’t currently have trust-able testing to identify pathogens that might be a piece of the puzzle.

    Accumulating evidence indicates that breast cancer is overwhelmingly associated with virus’s – most notably the Epstein Barr Virus – although there are other pathogens that may be involved as well.  Virus’s mutate and Epstein Barr Virus is no different.  There are too many strains of EBV, and current testing only identifies a past infection and even then, if you had a mutated strain, you’d walk away believing a false-negative test.  Virus’s get into the lymphatic system, into our tissues, and hi-jacks susceptible cells. The following conditions are all associated with EBV, and the Herpetic family of virus’s:

    • Mononucleosis
    • Tonsillectomy
    • Anemia
    • Thrombocytopenia (low platelets)
    • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Transverse myelitis
    • Hashimoto’s Disease / Hypothyroid disease / Graves Disease /Thyroid cancer
    • POTS (post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)
    • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
    • Raynaud’s
    • Tinnitus
    • Vertigo
    • Lupus
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Lyme
    • PMS/Menopause/Early Menopause
    • PCOS (viral plus bacterial pathogens)
    • Post Postpartum Depression
    • Atrial fibrillation
    • Restless leg syndrome
    • Eye floaters
    • Dry eyes
    • In some cases, high cholesterol and/or high blood pressure

    Quite a list right?  If you have even one of these conditions, it’s a strong indication that you harbor the Epstein Barr virus AND that it is active. Work with your health care provider – or consider a custom nutrition plan – to create an effective treatment plan to strengthen your immune system AND win the war against the stealth pathogens.   These conditions are very treatable if you understand what you are dealing with – and I do.  Please know that you do not have to suffer endlessly…

    4.  Reduce Radiation Exposure

    We are exposed to more radiation than you know.  Besides this list, don’t forget that we are still affected by Chernobyl, as well as the recent Fukushima.   Here are things to learn more about and minimize:

    • Dental x-rays – ask your technician to use an extra mat, insuring you not only cover your thyroid but ALL body tissue.  X-rays scatter and enter elsewhere in the body (no matter what they tell you).  Personally, I also only get x-rays every few years since my history of cavities is minimal.
    • Airports – ask for a manual screening.  Plan on an extra 10 minutes at security.  I only do a scanner if something went terribly wrong on the way to the airport, and time is of the essence.
    • Avoid or minimize use of suntan beds.  If you are going on a winter beach trip, perhaps you’ll need a few tanning sessions so you can enjoy the outdoors on your vacation.  But I would not recommend making them routine habit.
    • Mammograms – opt for a non-radiation procedure (thermogram for example – you can read more and learn here).
    • WiFi – buy orgonite pyramids and place around your home, to disrupt the signaling and absorption of wifi
    • Microwaves – at least move them out of the kitchen so that when the doors leak (and they do), you aren’t unknowingly being exposed to the radiation.  We keep our microwave in the mud room.  We do have one because I love to heat up a rice bag.  When I do use it, I walk out of the room.  If you do have to use one, at least don’t stand in front of it while it’s in use.   My preferred way to heat up small batches of food, by the way, is to use our air fryer which is like a mini convection oven.  I can heat a bowl of soup in 4-5 minutes.

    5.  Take your diet to the next level

    • The bulk of your diet needs to be fruit, veggies (starchy & non-starchy), and leafy greens.  I would recommend 10 servings a day and it’s not as hard as you think.  Be sure that some of those servings include cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and kale.  Eat the rainbow of greens, reds, oranges, purples, and even the browns like mushrooms.   Read more about The Healthiest Diet here.
    • Eliminate gluten….and if you do choose gluten free grains, the best are quinoa and millet.  Even then, limit to 1/2 cup cooked a day or just eat grain-free.
    • Eliminate eggs – not even free range organic.  This is critical as eggs feed tumors.
    • Eliminate dairy – not even from pasture raised animals.  Dairy also feeds tumors.  And I am including ghee in this list.  If you need science, look to the research by Dr T Colin Campbell.  He was able to turn cancer genes on and off by feeding participants dairy, or removing dairy.  His book The China Study is worth reading or listening to if you enjoy this type of learning.
    • Eliminate alcohol, even red wine.  Drinking alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer (read the study here).  If you need something red in a wine glass, choose pomegranate or cherry juice!
    • In high risk cases, I would advise against eating any animal protein, and instead choose avocado’s as the fat choice.  If you must have some animal protein, opt for wild salmon, but limit it to 2x/week.   Completely eliminate pork.   If you are worried about protein, read why it’s a non-issue here.
    • Give up refined/processed sugar’s. Choose only raw honey which is a health food as it contains over 200,000 phytochemicals and health-supporting nutrients.  When it’s hard to use raw honey (baking for example), opt for real maple syrup.
    • Start the day with 1 quart of lemon ginger honey water, on an empty stomach, to flush toxins your body processed overnight.
    • Get a juicer and start juicing daily.  Check out my vegan recipes, including juices, here.

    6.  Discontinue use of hormones

    • Natural or not, hormones are hormones.  Bio-identical hormones have not been around long enough to have quality safety data on them.  They are still hormones.  If you are taking hormones because of symptoms like hot flashes or insomnia, know there are other answers.
    • This includes thyroid hormones as well.  Hypothyroidism indicates a low-level viral infection.  Hashimoto’s indicates an aggressive strain of the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV).  Either way, thyroid replacement is just managing symptoms, but has not addressed the real root cause (the virus pathogen).

    7.  Spend time purposefully detox’ing & also reduce your toxin intake.

    Here are some tools to help you:

    • Far Infrared Sauna’s.  Johny and I have a Sunlighten sauna but there are many quality brands to choose from.
    • Sweating as in exercise, far infrared sauna’s, or a steam room.
    • Dry skin brushing for lymphatic health
    • Specific to support detoxification, eat more cilantro, parsley, radish greens, onions, garlic, turmeric, pomegranates and passion fruit.  If you have a clean source, wild dandelion greens are also amazing for liver/detox health.
    • Reducing your toxic burden includes, but is not limited to, eating more organic food, learning about safe personal care products (the Environmental Working Group is a good resource), discontinuing hair dyes or doing something safer than typical options, etc.

    This is a HUGE topic.  You can learn how toxins affect your health here.

    8.  Manage stress

    • Easier said than done, but it’s CRITICAL to get some true down time.  You can meditate or pray, or just sit quietly and listen to the furnace hum, or the clock tick.  But this is a daily practice.
    • Spend time doing things that bring you joy – whatever those things are.  It might be knitting, gardening, praying, walking, watching sunsets, cuddling with your pet, sitting in the sun, walking on the beach.   I think most of us know in our souls what grounds us.  So do it!
    • Be purposefully joyful!  Attitude is critical.

    If you have any of the medical conditions listed above and are just managing symptoms – whether that is with “natural” supplements or medications, please know you can heal.  And cancer – of any kind – is not a given if you know what to do.  When I work with clients on a one-on-one basis, we drill down on these area’s even more.  It is my mission in life to help people out of our broken medical system.

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