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    How to (properly) store fresh herbs!

    I buy and use A LOT of parsley and cilantro.

    Parsley helps you detoxify aluminum & excess and “bad” forms of copper.

    Cilantro helps you detoxify mercury and lead.

    So when you buy a “bunch” of either or both herb, here are some steps to keep it fresh longer

    1.  Remove the twist tie
    2.  Using kitchen scissors, freshen the stems like you would fresh flowers
    3.  Put in a “vase” like you would fresh flowers – I use a wide mouth mason jar
    4.  Cover with the plastic baggie and store in the fridge

    If you tend to tip over your jars of fresh herbs, you can also roll them in a thin kitchen towel, and store in a plastic baggie.  I do this if we are traveling, or if fridge space is at a premium and I need all the shelves.  I can put the rolled up herbs into a produce drawer. 

    Doing either of these will help you keep your herbs fresh ALL week!

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