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    Heavy Metal Detox Morning Smoothie

    Toxins come in all shapes and sizes.  And since the Industrial Revolution, we have been exposed to hundreds of thousands of chemicals.  We are not only exposed, we are now passing them on to the next generations.

    I have all my new patients watch “10 Americans” which is a short 15 minute documentary by the Environmental Working Group.

    If you watch it, you’ll see that the umbilical cord blood of babies not even born yet tests positive for over 300 industrial chemicals.  Yikes.  We know that babies are being born with a burden of toxins because they are experiencing signs of toxicity such as eczema, psoriasis, poor growth, behavior issues like colic and irritability, and childhood cancers.

    That said, there is NO ONE young or old who wont benefit from drinking a heavy metal detox smoothie.  You can safely eliminate heavy metals that are negatively affecting our health, by drinking a smoothie each day with the “Fabulous Five”!

    Food REALLY is medicine!   A whole food plant based diet is powerful.  And when you work with a nutritionist like myself who understands how to build a customized treatment plan with specific foods to heal chronic disease, it’s a win win!

    You can heal conditions associated with heavy metal toxicity – like fatigue, anxiety, depression – all with lifestyle medicine.  Daily heavy metal detox smoothies!

    Fruit is “the fruit of life” and it is “cortisol” sparing.  And wild blueberries are one of the top 25 Life Changing Foods!

    Let’s break down what I’ve recommended and you can customize to your taste and budget!  The essential Fabulous Five Heavy Metal Detox Ingredients are in orange.

    • Coconut water – a natural source of electrolytes.  Fresh is best but who has time to deal with that every morning right???   If you can get glass containers, fabulous.  If not, look for a suitable substitute.  Some quality brands are Blue Monkey, Naked, and Zico.  I wrote about the functions of electrolytes here and make no mistake, we CAN NOT function without them.  If it’s too expensive or you just can’t fit it in, it’s okay to use filtered water.  We use a Berkey charcoal filter system.
    • Banana’s  – are nutritive to the nervous system
    • Wild (not high bush domestic) blueberries – are said to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet as they’ve survived extreme conditions over the years.  Please note that while domestic cultivate blueberries are a great food, they are vastly different than the wild blueberries so search those out!
    • Leafy greens – are important to balance the fruit with some  minerals, so I put 1 handful of the Costco Power Greens, or 2 handfuls of Costco organic spinach in.  I alternate using both so I get a variety of nutrients.
    • Cilantro – is an time-honored, easy, cheap way to remove heavy metals.  Be sure to get organic!
    • Parsley – doesn’t have as much research as parsley but that’s not parsley’s fault.  Sometimes it takes us as humans longer to figure out foods’ magical qualities.  I use parsley because it’s a leafy green and I believe it adds to my bodies ability to detoxify.  I’ve seen info that says it’s a powerful detoxifier of aluminum!
    • Hawaiian Spirulina – is a source of B vitamins, chlorophyll, bio-available protein, and is an essential team member in removing heavy metals using diet
    • Barley Grass Juice Extract Powder.  Note that it is barley grass that is juiced, then dried.  It is not just dried barley grass.  I believe I once read that it takes 25 gallons of barley grass juice to make a 16 oz bag of dried powder, so no wonder it’s so powerful and a bit $pendy.  You can look at Vimergy, or Green Magma for brands.
    • Maine Atlantic Dulse flakes – bind on to heavy metals and they DO NOT let them go and carry them out of the body.
    • Turmeric root – I hope you’ve heard how anti-inflammatory it is!  I also just read it can help with hot flashes.  As I’m turning 50 this year, I’m happy to support the transition coming.
    • Ginger root – is anti inflammatory, calms the nervous system, and calms the digestive tract.


    Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe:

    Again, the Fabulous Five Essential Ingredients are in orange

    4 oz  Coconut water
    2-3 banana’s – depending on size
    1-2 cups Wyman’s wild blueberries depending on your health needs and your budget
    1 cup organic:  cherries, strawberries, blackberries
    2 large handfuls of greens (Costco’s Power Greens, or organic raw spinach)
    1 generous handful of cilantro (about 1/2 cup if chopped)
    1 smaller handful of parsley (about 1/4 cup if chopped)
    1 teaspoon Spirulina
    2 tsp Maine Atlantic Dulse Flakes
    1 teaspoon barley grass juice powder
    1 small nub of turmeric root (I slice these, then freeze them for easy use and they don’t spoil)
    1 small nub of ginger root
    2″ piece of aloe (de-skinned)

    Blend all of the ingredients, starting on low and working your way up to high power.

    Makes 6 -8 cups of smoothie.  Split it into a couple quart jars and sip through the morning while you work.  If it’s not enough for your activity level, make more.  If it’s too much, save the extra for the 4 PM snack!

    Although this seems like a lot of food, fruit is the lowest calorie containing food group and as such you need to eat a lot more to equal what you’d normally get for calories in an alternative breakfast.

    Recipe adapted from Anthony Williams the Medical Medium

    I did participate in the Medical Medium Practitioner Support & Training Program that Anthony made available for practitioners from July 2016 to January of 2019.  It’s now closed, and he is busy writing books but I remain connected to the colleagues through another forum.

    If you are frustrated or feeling hopeless about your health, and you can’t continue like this, learn how to take charge of your body, and ultimately the quality of your life. Learn the foundations of health so that you can do the things that are important to you! Even if it feels like you’ve tried everything, or made things, worse, the good news is that your body CAN heal if you do the right things (and stop doing the things that are holding you back)! I will guide you and lead you along the healing path so that you can feel like YOU again!  Schedule a 1:1 session to get your Custom Nutrition Plan!

    Here to support you every step of the way!

    Tracy Konoske MS RDN
    Americas Virtual and Integrative Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist
    Food & Health Expert
    Helping YOU restore and optimize your health!
    Specializing in Immune Dysfunction, Gastrointestinal Conditions, Toxicity Issues, and Neurological Damage
    CEO & Founder of Healthy Lifestyles, Inc (since 1999)

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