Healing Vertigo and other Neurological Disorders

My goal in life as an integrative & functional nutritionist is to identify and treat root causes.

Although I’m mostly going to be talking about vertigo today, the same root causes and treatments apply to those suffering from tinnitus, hearing loss, numbness and tingling, POTS, restless leg syndrome, nerve/muscle spasms, tics, fluttering heart, tremors, trouble swallowing, startling easily, MS, Guillane Barre syndrome, ALS, Parkinsons…..

These are ALL symptoms or conditions related to an inflamed and sensitive central nervous system.

Watch the video to learn more about this. I talk more about the central nervous system and what it is, in the video.

If you want to learn more about the treatment plan I personally use, you can read the post HERE ( it was easier to list them out than to recite them in a video and you might not catch what I was saying).


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