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Let’s first establish that we are a bundle of energy.  Don’t believe me?  What does a pacemaker do?  What do the paddles do if they are trying to resuscitate you?   Energy.

So moving on…our society for various reasons gets us off balance  in terms negative and positive ions.  In this case, negative ions are GOOD for us.

We can dump our excess positive ions several ways.  Perhaps the easiest and cheapest is to be in touch with the earth, which holds an endless supply of negative ions.  Think about how GREAT you feel when you go camping!  How about how great it is to take a vacation at the beach?  Water helps us conduct the ions…just like you don’t want to touch an electric fence when it’s raining out.   If it has just rained, the air has a vast supply of negative ions.  Waterfalls have negative ions.  Think of how great it is to be in the mountains with pine trees and how GOOD the air smells!  No wonder we crave being out in the summer and doing all these things!

If you’re good with all that, then let’s move on to the benefits of dumping our positive ions and re-filling our bucket with negative ions.  Because it relaxes us (para sympathetic vs sympathetic), we are better able to:
1.  Digest our food (stress shunts blood away from the GI tract so we can handle the infamous saber toothed tiger)
2.  Manage blood sugar (stress raises blood sugar)
3.  Fight off disease (stress takes a toll on our immune cells)
4.  Achieve a more alkaline pH (which is absolutely a good thing!)
5.  Have viscous blood which is also good.  Clumping blood cells = a heart attack or stroke via clots.   Stress, interesting enough, causes blood to clump so that if we were physically injured, we wouldn’t bleed out.

Earthing or Grounding also reduces jet lag and improves healing time post op.

Fascinating right?

So get out in your garden, take your shoes off and sit outside, do your daily meditation or tai chi on damp grass, go hiking, take a walk in the rain, or go lay on a beach if you are so lucky!

Enjoy my video!



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