Sorry but if you are getting this message, it looks like the openings have been filled.

What does that mean for you? 

Well, not everyone will hire me.   If you have not found suitable help yet, you can stay on the waiting list  There’s a good chance I’ll be advertising for more new-patient openings. 


If you have any questions pertaining to this, you may email admin@healthylifestylesmt.com but please know that I can’t answer any medical questions this way.

PS – please keep in mind that I do Ala carte Ask Tracy Sesssions and you still get the best of my brain, it’s just up to you to be consistent with follow ups. 

PSS – I am moving forward toward group classes and you can put your name on that list here.   They’ll be a lot cheaper than working with me in a one-on-one fashion and we’ll get the foundational pieces in place as a group, and then individuals can work with me one-on-one when they are ready.  But there ARE some really critical pieces to put in place first, so it makes sense to me to do it in group fashion.  For example, anyone with a chronic health condition should be off certain foods.   There’s no obligation to get the details when they are available. 

I wish your situation was different.  I really do.  We’re living in a difficult time to be healthy and well. 

Sending you love and compassion for what you are going through,

~  Tracy