Can I be a virtual patient?
Yes!  Visits are phone-based.   There are some real advantages to this approach:

  • You as a patient can pick the best possible clinician for you and your health goals.  You are not limited to your local practitioner who may not be skilled in a particular area.
  • You do not have to travel, saving time, gas, hotel, and eating out expenses.  This is especially important for people who live in more remote areas.
  • Appointment times can be more flexible.
  • You can keep appointments even while traveling, one of the biggest risk times for ‘falling off the wagon’.
  • If you move, you can continue your relationship.


What is Functional Medicine?
At it’s core, functional medicine is simply 3 things:

1.  Find and address the root cause, not manage symptoms.  This involves understanding biochemistry, nutrient needs, root causes of imbalances, and a willingness on Tracy’s part to be a “medical Columbo” and connect the puzzle pieces.

2.  Understand that each organ system “talks” to the other organ systems.  As such, the whole body must be looked at, not parted out piece by piece (rheumatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology etc).

3.  Patient centered meaning that YOU as the patient get to have a voice, get time with your health care provider, and get your OWN treatment plan.  This is not a one-way relationship.  You are involved.  As providers, we literally can’t do this without you!

Functional medicine is a paradigm shift in thinking.   It’s what medicine should be and what medicine should have been all along.   Functional Medicine is the medicine of the future.  It makes sense.  And it works.


Who should see Tracy?
On the home page, you probably saw a list of the people Tracy can best help – those with migraines and chronic headaches, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Joint Pain, and auto immune diseases.  Often, when food triggers are removed and imbalanced supported, other conditions also improve – like weight management, skin conditions, insomnia/sleep quality, and energy/fatigue, hormones, etc.   

Many patients find Tracy after conventional medicine fails them.  They’ve tried a plethora of alternative treatments to no avail…or they wish to avoid medications which won’t treat the root cause of their condition….or their provider just shrugs and says “you’re fine” and yet that little voice inside says “no way am I fine”. 

Others wish to prevent chronic disease and achieve optimal wellness.  They understand that good health is the key to a full life and that every day choices add up.


Tell me more about the Get Acquainted Session
If you’ve read through the website, you probably have a pretty good idea on whether or not you and Tracy are a good fit.    Together, you’ll review your medical history and Tracy can answer any questions you may have.  You both must pick each other in this process.  Tracy needs to know that you are within her scope of practice and expertise and that you are in a place in life that you can invest in your healing.  You’ll want to know that Tracy can and has helped others who have a similar condition.    Because identifying and treating root causes is a long-term process, it is important that you both feel comfortable and that you feel that Tracy is ‘the one’ to help you transform your life.


How do I know if Tracy is qualified?

Tracy is an expert at natural, integrative, functional, and personalized medicine.    Tracy has been a licensed, Registered Dietitian for 18+ years and began the Food-is-Medicine journey  in the early 90’s. She has helped hundreds of people get their life back.

Tracy has a BS in Psychology (1987) and a Masters Degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University (1998).       She has studied functional medicine for years, having worked for Dr. Jeffrey Bland during graduate school.  She has completed all the coursework offered by the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Tracy’s business, Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.  is a registered corporation in Montana, in good standing since 2002 (Business Entity Search).


Does Tracy bill insurance?
No, insurance does not  cover virtual work, nor does insurance cover many other services that are valuable and beneficial for people’s health on a pro-active basis.  You may use your payment receipt for tax purposes, but you will not be given a superbill as that is not allowed for virtual sessions.


Can I use my flex plan?
Probably, but each case is different.  If you have a debit card for your account, you are welcome to use it as a payment method.


Does Tracy file with Medicare?
No, Tracy is not a participating provider with medicaid or medicare.

Are the prices on the website?  I can’t find them. 

They are not.  The first step is the Get Acquainted meeting.  At this time, the two of you will decide if you are a good “medical fit”.  If you are, you will be offered a package.

This type of medicine isn’t about band aids or quick fixes and one of the things Tracy guarantees each patient is TIME.  She limits her active patients at any one time so that you get the attention you need, crave, and deserve.