Why Diet Plays a Role in Immune Health

Why Diet Plays a Role in Immune Health

Diet plays a role in immune health because certain foods literally KILL pathogens.

And certain foods literally FEED pathogens which keeps you sick, tired, and in pain.

As a nutritionist with 20 years experience, I have seen the remarkable impact of a clean, whole foods diet and its impact on immune health.  I have been blessed to watch the transformation over and over again.

But it wasn’t until I read the work of  Anthony William that I understood the exact mechanisms that plant foods have on our health.  I was blessed to spend 3 years in Anthony’s online Practitioner Training and Support group.  I found the program and applied to it when I was healing my own chronic and mystery health conditions including Chronic Neurological Lyme, SIBO, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I was dealing with extreme fatigue, vertigo, and anxiety.  I was sick enough that I closed my practice in 2016 to focus 100% on healing.  And now that I have recovered, it is my duty and honor to share this life-changing information with you so you can shine your light too!

So let’s talk about how diet plays a role in your immune health!  2020 is the year that has our attention on immune health in an unprecedented way.  #covid-19.  Rather than worry about masks, social distancing, and waiting for therapeutics and vaccines (!), why not take matters into your own hands and support the immune system that God gave you?

Diet and Immune Health

I have written a few articles that should be the foundation to your learning.

1 – What is the Healthiest Diet  (hint:  it’s fruits, veggies, and leafy greens!)

2 – 20 Reasons to Eat More Fruit (hint: the real culprit(s) of chronic disease are fat and protein, and there are foods that perpetuate the disease process so keep reading)

If you are solid with the concept of a whole food plant-strong or plant-based diet, then let’s drill down on what foods literally zap and kill pathogens directly.  You’ll want to eat more of these!  And even when this Covid thing passes, it is in your best interest to continue this eating pattern because we don’t live in a bubble.  We are exposed to bacteria and viruses not only in our own homes, but every public place we visit.  There will always be a pathogen who can take you out if your immune health is sub-par.

What I am recommending is not a fad diet, and there are no magic powders.  This is real food.  Nutrient dense.  Every day.

Oh, and it’s easy to think there’s just one super food that hasn’t yet been discovered in the tropical forests and that it will save us all.  But in fact, it is our everyday choices that add up and result in chronic disease or abundant health.

What’s at the end of your fork?

Foods that directly KILL bacteria and viruses

Make no mistake, EVERY unadulterated plant food benefits you and your health.  Some plant foods help flush the garbage out of your liver and kidneys.  Some plant foods massage your intestinal lining and sweep out your intestinal tract from top to bottom.  All natural plant foods offer fiber that feeds your microbiome.  But the foods below specifically kill pathogens upon contact.  They not only act directly in the intestinal tract, their phytonutrients move into the liver and out into the bloodstream where they continue to do their work.  What a blessing they are!

  1. Garlic
  2. Onions
  3. Ginger root (juiced, in smoothies, in stir-fry’s)
  4. Turmeric root (juiced, in smoothies in small amounts, in stir fry’s)
  5. Banana’s
  6. Cranberries
  7. Celery Juice (straight, nothing else added)
  8. Potatoes – red, yellow, white
  9. Papaya (but make sure it’s a maradol papaya like the photo with this post, as they are NOT a GMO crop.  Many papaya strains are genetically modified)

If you are reading this list and thought potatoes were “bad” for you, or that banana’s have too many carbs, think again and make sure you dedicate some time to studying the positive health effects of a plant-based or plant-strong diet.   (Plant based means no animal foods.  Plant strong would indicate plants make up the vast majority of your diet but you still eat some wild game or wild fish a few times a week.)

Foods that FEED pathogens (bacteria and viruses)

We all want freedom.  We want full control over our health.  We choose not to be in smoky environments.  We decide if we drink alcohol or not, knowing that it contributes to liver disease.  Now, it’s time to make some other choices about what we ingest, because it affects our immune health.   Your aging process is at stake.  And the evil disease process takes away choices and freedoms.  Now you know which foods are friends and which foods are foe, and the choice to eat or avoid these foods is yours.  The ball is in your court!

  1. Gluten – feeding pathogens is just one reason to avoid this food
  2. Dairy (yes, even organic since its the hormones that are meant for the calf that feed the pathogens)
  3. Eggs (yes, even free range / organic as they also have multiple hormones meant to turn that egg into a chick if the egg is fertilized by a rooster)
  4. Canola and other industrial oils
  5. Grains (yes, even gluten free if you have a streptococcus problem and if you struggle with your health in any way there’s likely a pathogen playing a role in the background)
  6. Corn (and citric acid is usually corn derived, not citrus derived.  Sneaky aren’t they?!)
  7. Beet sugar (but beets you buy or grow are fine!)

As long as we’re discussing harmful foods, avoid these too ? as they are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and are 100% un-natural to us.

  1. Soy
  2. Corn (corn both feeds pathogens AND is a GMO food)
  3. Beet sugar (also a double strike against you)

In my Nutrition Foundations Program, I have a much longer list of “avoid” foods but this is a great start! And it can be a bit overwhelming to make such drastic changes all at once. Nutrition Foundations is a comprehensive curriculum of the core material that I have used to help my patients for 20 years now.  It is “The Best of Tracy Konoske” and it is an “Owners Manual for a Healthy Body“.   It is modestly priced and comes with built in support direct with me (!), as well as your own healing community of others on the same path. ?  We have group calls 1-2x month and it’s a fabulous way to get the info and support you need without breaking the bank!

I also work with people one-on-one of course!  You’ll have access to the Platinum version of Nutrition Foundations but I will also help you customize your treatment plan and we’ll meet monthly.  You can learn more here.

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