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In video #3, Dr. Christopher Shade reviews the Detox Protocol. Yes, I can order the mercury – or the heavy metal – test from Quicksilver and yes, I can help you Detox via the Cube if you are a patient. QuickBITES #3, The DetoxQube Protocol from Quicksilver Scientific on Vimeo…(Read More)

In this video, #2, Dr. Shade reviews case studies and how to read the report. Yes, I can order this test, and yes, I can supply the Detox Cube if you are a patient.  ~Tracy QuickBITES #2, Part 2 The Mercury Tri-Test from Quicksilver Scientific on Vimeo…(Read More)

Dr. Christopher Shade, Mercury Expert Part 1 – A review of the 3 forms of mercury.  The 3 specimens Quicksilver lab uses to determine toxic burden and excretion patterns. Yes, I can order this test for my patients, and yes I am a distributor for the Detox Cube. ~Tracy QuickBITES #1, Part 1 The Mercury…(Read More)

I hear this all the time:  “Yes, I take fish oil”.   Yet, when I ask the serving size or potency, the individual usually has no idea. I’ve got a 7 minute video to get you up to speed on two things: 1.  How to read the label 2.  What…(Read More)

This video blog started with the recent buzz about ADA – Azodicarbonamide- in Subway sandwiches.  But it is SOOO much bigger than that. It isn’t just ADA.  It’s the 82,000 chemicals and food additives registered with the FDA.  I’m here to tell you that yes, small exposures, over time…(Read More)

    Perhaps you wonder how you can afford to eat healthy? Perhaps you wonder what a nutritionist eats. Does she shop at Costco? Watch my short video about what we buy at Costco…and what we DON’T buy at Costco…(Read More)

Over 6,000 pounds of food per year, on 1/10 acre located just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The Dervaes family grows over 400 species of plants, 4,300 pounds of vegetable food, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 lbs of honey, plus seasonal fruits throughout the year. From 1/10th…(Read More)

I love sharing little pieces of my life with you! Check out our chocolate lab, Buddy, right after a big fresh snow.   He LOVES to play stick.  Check it out if you need a little smile in your day.    Meet Buddy! Isn’t he so handsome?  🙂 &nbsp…(Read More)

Whether it’s January 1st or July 1st, if it is time to get healthy, THIS is for you.  In this short video, Tracy outlines a few of the strategies she personally uses herself as well as in her virtual private practice.    And, if you are craving more, she’s got…(Read More)

Tracy reminds viewers that it only takes 20 Parts Per Million to invoke a gluten-mediated reaction! Our immune system is soooo able to respond to any offender (gluten, bacteria, or virus’s) that we can’t even see, let alone a bite of something with gluten in it. Learn what happened when Tracy contaminates…(Read More)

What Can My Guests Eat?!


Got a kick out of this funny little video! What can YOUR guests have and have not at your upcoming holiday dinners?   Tracy…(Read More)

Yogurt Making – Part One


How to make yogurt using a direct set culture. A direct set means you literally open a packet of cultures, pour it into the milk, and then incubate/culture…(Read More)

If you’re like me and you buy coconut oil in bulk because it’s more cost effective (and you use it a lot!) maybe you’re looking for a more practical way to store it- check out this video!   Here’s a link……..Get yours now!…(Read More)

Dr. Terry Wahls got M.S. and although she got the “best” doctors and drugs, her illness progressed. That is, until she found the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). I had the pleasure of meeting Terry at the 2013 Annual IFM Conference this year. Watch her amazing story of how she used food as medicine…(Read More)

Eagles On Fish Guts In Alaska


We were staying with friends who live ON the beach. We caught fish and had thrown out guts out for the tide to carry away. Little did we know, the eagles were watching and waiting. It happened twice! The evening that 14 eagles came, my camera ran out of battery. We were getting several eagles…(Read More)