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Healing with Herbal Teas!  My recovery from chronic Lyme has involved a plethora of herbal teas and herbal supplements.  And green juices.  And smoothies.  And hydration in general.  That said, I’ve had to come up with some tricks so that I can maximize getting nutrients and phytochemicals into my…(Read More)

Check out my 6 minute video with all you need to know about juicers! There are 4 kinds: – centrifuge -masticating -twin blade -Norwalk Also find out which juicer Johny and I have, and it does do fine greens like cilantro, parsley, and wheatgrass And, what I’d do different if I ever have to buy…(Read More)

I’ve been grain free for 4 years now and why I didn’t have this cool new gizmo is beyond me.  In my video, I show you just how EASY it is to make zucchini noodles.  And, easy is no good if they don’t taste great but they DO! These zucchini…(Read More)

I hear this all the time:  “Yes, I take fish oil”.   Yet, when I ask the serving size or potency, the individual usually has no idea. I’ve got a 7 minute video to get you up to speed on two things: 1.  How to read the label 2.  What…(Read More)

Whether it’s January 1st or July 1st, if it is time to get healthy, THIS is for you.  In this short video, Tracy outlines a few of the strategies she personally uses herself as well as in her virtual private practice.    And, if you are craving more, she’s got…(Read More)

Yogurt Making – Part One


How to make yogurt using a direct set culture. A direct set means you literally open a packet of cultures, pour it into the milk, and then incubate/culture…(Read More)

If you’re like me and you buy coconut oil in bulk because it’s more cost effective (and you use it a lot!) maybe you’re looking for a more practical way to store it- check out this video!   Here’s a link……..Get yours now!…(Read More)