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The truth about my story…..sharing via video today my long list of diagnosis in 2015 when I was sick. And alllllllll the symptoms that have resolved. I pray this encourages and inspires you! YOU CAN HEAL!!! 💜 Tracy Medical Findings: ·       SIBO ·       Chronic Neurological Lyme ·       Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) w multiple strains ·      …(Read More)

Rather than relying on Big Pharma drugs (including potential vaccines), learn how to feed your immune system warriors so you can defend yourself against ANY pathogen (bacteria, virus, or fungus). Watch to learn about diet tips, and specific supplements that will support you and defend you.   💜 Tracy America’s Virtual & Integrative Nutritionist Your…(Read More)

8 Ways to STOP Emotional Eating So You Can Lose Weight! We’ve all been an emotional eater at one time or another.  It might seem like will power (or lack of) but it’s basic physiology. If we don’t eat enough calories – and the right kind of calories – we fall prey to eating…(Read More)

You wouldn’t pour gasoline on your skin from head to toe right? So why would you allow unsafe, potentially toxic, body care products from head to toe?  Think shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, nail polish, nail polish remover, makeup, etc. We know from hormone, nicotine, and pain patches that we DO absorb substances via our…(Read More)

My goal in life as an integrative & functional nutritionist is to identify and treat root causes. Although I’m mostly going to be talking about vertigo today, the same root causes and treatments apply to those suffering from tinnitus, hearing loss, numbness and tingling, POTS, restless leg syndrome, nerve/muscle spasms, tics, fluttering heart…(Read More)

Healing with Herbal Teas!  My recovery from chronic Lyme has involved a plethora of herbal teas and herbal supplements.  And green juices.  And smoothies.  And hydration in general.  That said, I’ve had to come up with some tricks so that I can maximize getting nutrients and phytochemicals into my…(Read More)

The Diabetes Prevention Program   was a major multi-center clinical research study aimed at discovering whether modest weight loss through dietary changes and increased physical activity or treatment with the oral diabetes drug metformin (Glucophage) could prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in study participants. At the beginning of the DPP…(Read More)

Check out my 6 minute video with all you need to know about juicers! There are 4 kinds: – centrifuge -masticating -twin blade -Norwalk Also find out which juicer Johny and I have, and it does do fine greens like cilantro, parsley, and wheatgrass And, what I’d do different if I ever have to buy…(Read More)

Sprouts strengthen the kidneys and spleen.  They cleanse the liver and brain.  They help you digest your food better.  They are a helpful food if you have an auto-immune disease / tissue inflammation.  They are a recommended food if you are fighting Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). They are a mineral rich…(Read More)

I buy and use A LOT of parsley and cilantro. Parsley helps you detoxify aluminum & excess and “bad” forms of copper. Cilantro helps you detoxify mercury and lead. So when you buy a “bunch” of either or both herb, here are some steps to keep it fresh longer 1.  Remove the twist tie…(Read More)

  Summer brings us unique opportunities that we don’t get year round.  Like the opportunity to go to the spa or salon and get a pedicure if you’re a female.  And the opportunity to wear sunscreen and be outside.  And the opportunity to really sweat while we’re out walking…(Read More)

In today’s video blog, I get passionate about our food supply and how it absolutely has affected our health.    I gave several action steps at the end of the video. One was to visit the recipe section of my website but I forgot to mention to specifically look for Tracy’s…(Read More)

After watching the video above, let me show you a BRIEF overview of how a few genetic pathways run, a few examples of what can go wrong, and how they have systemic downstream effects and can result in something like DNA damage (oxidative stress), or affect neurotransmitter production (so mood changes or mental health disorders…(Read More)

Let’s first establish that we are a bundle of energy.  Don’t believe me?  What does a pacemaker do?  What do the paddles do if they are trying to resuscitate you?   Energy. So moving on…our society for various reasons gets us off balance  in terms negative and…(Read More)