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Rather than relying on Big Pharma drugs (including potential vaccines), learn how to feed your immune system warriors so you can defend yourself against ANY pathogen (bacteria, virus, or fungus). Watch to learn about diet tips, and specific supplements that will support you and defend you.   💜 Tracy America’s Virtual & Integrative Nutritionist Your…(Read More)

Healing with Herbal Teas!  My recovery from chronic Lyme has involved a plethora of herbal teas and herbal supplements.  And green juices.  And smoothies.  And hydration in general.  That said, I’ve had to come up with some tricks so that I can maximize getting nutrients and phytochemicals into my…(Read More)

The Diabetes Prevention Program   was a major multi-center clinical research study aimed at discovering whether modest weight loss through dietary changes and increased physical activity or treatment with the oral diabetes drug metformin (Glucophage) could prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in study participants. At the beginning of the DPP…(Read More)

Sprouts strengthen the kidneys and spleen.  They cleanse the liver and brain.  They help you digest your food better.  They are a helpful food if you have an auto-immune disease / tissue inflammation.  They are a recommended food if you are fighting Epstein Barr Virus (EBV). They are a mineral rich…(Read More)

I buy and use A LOT of parsley and cilantro. Parsley helps you detoxify aluminum & excess and “bad” forms of copper. Cilantro helps you detoxify mercury and lead. So when you buy a “bunch” of either or both herb, here are some steps to keep it fresh longer 1.  Remove the twist tie…(Read More)

In today’s video blog, I get passionate about our food supply and how it absolutely has affected our health.    I gave several action steps at the end of the video. One was to visit the recipe section of my website but I forgot to mention to specifically look for Tracy’s…(Read More)

    Perhaps you wonder how you can afford to eat healthy? Perhaps you wonder what a nutritionist eats. Does she shop at Costco? Watch my short video about what we buy at Costco…and what we DON’T buy at Costco…(Read More)

Dr. Terry Wahls got M.S. and although she got the “best” doctors and drugs, her illness progressed. That is, until she found the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). I had the pleasure of meeting Terry at the 2013 Annual IFM Conference this year. Watch her amazing story of how she used food as medicine…(Read More)