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Amie’s new cookbook “Eating Clean – The 21 day plan to detox, fight inflammation, and reset your body” outlines the journey of how Amie healed from a decade of chronic illness herself, and it’s filled with over 200 detox-approved plant-based recipes free of gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, eggs, corn and processed…(Read More)

  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Kramer, co-owner of HARApad. HARApad stands for “Heat and Radiation Attenuating”…and in a nut shell, Mark’s company makes products that protect you from harmful EMF”s and radiation.  I called to buy my own protection products awhile back and when Mark himself…(Read More)

I was recently honored to be interviewed about SIBO  (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) by Mike Mutzel of High Intensity Health I also think it’s awesome that I was his 100th interview!  Whatever that means but it seems like a good thing right? Show notes below for reference. If you have SIBO diagnosed…(Read More)

This is my 2nd interview with Jen Fugo of The Gluten Free School.  Jen has TONS of gluten free resources for you including but not limited to recipes, a cookbook, and almost 70 podcasts with (functional medicine) experts. Before we begin, let’s do some methylation basics.  Methylation is a process where our…(Read More)